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LinkedIn Resume

Updated on June 16, 2017

How LinkedIn Has Turned Your Resume Into A Cash Machine

LinkedIn Resume Tips

Know what information to put on your profile page, the most common mistakes I have seen job hunters make on LinkedIn are typos on job title the company name and even the user's name.

Unfortunately, there is no spell checker on LinkedIn. But your browser might. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox outline misspellings in red. Fact, make sure you utilize spell checker to correctly present you job qualification and experience: Make your resume shine pay careful attention to LinkedIn as you would be with a paper resume.

Adding a profile picture to your LinkedIn account can make a huge impact to a recruiter. Research have revealed that profiles with pictures are more likely to get clicks than those without; also recruiters spend more time examining a person picture than actually reviewing the qualification of the person.

If a picture is not included in your profile, the assumption is that it's because the person may not be photogenic, so kick it up a notch and include a photo, also do not include profile photos that includes your spouse your presentation speaks for itself by the types of photo is posted, keep it looking professional.

Avoid linking your Facebook account and your LinkedIn account Facebook leans towards a more personal touch than a professional one like LinkedIn, keep your profiles separate.

Make sure that thought goes into the title or job you are seeking, and keep your profile updated so that recruiters are aware that you are in the market for job opportunities, and keep honesty in mind when posting or updating your profile.

Look for groups of your interest within LinkedIn to further your opportunity and develop a relationship. After connecting with someone for the first time don't use the generic messaging personalize your invitation which will encourage a faster response that not spam related.

If you choose to connect to people on LinkedIn using mobile apps fine, but you are not able to customize your message, the best practice is to get on your lab-top or desktop and connect in this manner it is a lot better for you. The reason is the risk of typos on your phone are greater.

To create a unique LinkedIn URL, or Web address that is attractive instead of numbers, to customize your web address go to the settings in the drop down menu
under your name in the top right corner, then choose public profile settings, "then to your public profile Url" there you will be able to customize it. Try to use your first and last names or get as close to your first and last name and avoid using names and nicknames

The summary is a crucial part of your LinkedIn profile if you want to show up in search results, applying search terms and keywords that are relevant to the job you are looking for will likely make it possible for recruiters to find you who are searching for experienced and talented people from LinkedIn.

If you are on the prowl for work constantly, especially when viewing the same profiles multiple of times within a few weeks I suggest you should keep anonymous because users are able to see who is viewing their profile, less of your profile information will be available, by implementing restriction to your public profile settings. (You only need to do this when you are viewing the same profiles too many times thus also prevents you from knowing who is viewing your profile).

Avoid having you profile page to be a dragged out script that possibly deters recruiters, LinkesIn offers sections to break up and highlight the different areas that you may specialize in which makes it easier to navigate. For example, rather than listing every job and membership under "Work History," you can break it out into sections such as "Volunteering," "Certifications," or "Hospital."

Be specific as to what your skills are; most skills are recognized on LinkedIn, vague description of your skill level may not be recognized so please be clear. Also, make sure your skill appears in the drop down menu skills that doesn't appear in the menu misspelling could be a factor or it is not a popular search term, which will reduce the chances of being found by recruiters. Sticking to the categories that are outlined in LinkedIn will greatly improve search results more in you field of experience and expertise.

Having credible recommendations on your LinkedIn profile is a valuable asset in reference to your profession and qualification.


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