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LinkedIn, Social Media And Gullible’s Travels

Updated on February 25, 2013

Recently, I wrote a satirical article called; "Canadian Imperialism and the Palestinian Question". This article ridiculously states that in 1837 the Canadian government and its people warred successfully against the British and forced them to remain a colony of Canada. Along with this farce, I put forward the preposterous statement that Canada has a formidable military and wishes to dominate the world. I give evidence of this by supplying the reader with information which is pure hogwash. I even stated that Canada had cornered the dental floss crops of Australia!

Not being satisfied to just play with Canada, I added another dimension to my fantasy article. I brought in the Palestinians. Here I laid out a quote from the new Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. The problem here is that Mr. Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada 40 years ago. In this long quote I say a great many important sounding statements, none of which actually makes a single point. However, it sounds sincere, and it makes the reader feel like action is actually going to be taken to help solve the Middle East conflict.

Originally, I wrote the article because I was in a playful mood and thought I would bring a chuckle to a few readers. Heaven knows we could all you a few laughs these days. You can imagine my surprise when I started getting serious comments to the article. This made me realize that people are reading articles today that no longer have to go through the scrutiny of editors or others who verify facts and information before publication. I listed my article on Hubpages, and then posted the link on various LinkedIn Groups as well as Google+ and Facebook.

People who use social media seem to forget that there are few filters on these social media systems. No one is making sure that the information is accurate or correct. This means that governments, marketing men and scammers can infest these centers and use them to manipulate how and what you think and can actually create opinions for you by bombarding the sites with messages they want you to accept.

We are all so busy today that we do not have the time or inclination to verify what we see, hear or read. This puts us in a position to be manipulated, lied too, and directed easily. How we protect ourselves is a question I do not have the answer too. I did not even know of the problem until I wrote the Canadian Imperialism article. One thing is for sure, I am going to go and plant my own dental floss plants in case those imperialist Canadians try to raise the price of dental floss now that they have completely bought up all the dental floss in Australia

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