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List of Small Business Ideas For People Who Love Children

Updated on July 15, 2011

The average US family has about 2 children and will spend an average of $120,000 - 240,000 each to raise them to the age of 18. Many parents are constantly searching for ways to save money while providing a comfortable lifestyle, educational enrichment, and other activities for their kids. Children are therefore big business in the United States. The toy industry alone rakes in more than $20 billion dollars every year.

If you love caring for, teaching, or interacting with children, there are dozens of profitable small business ideas that can help you make a living doing something you love. Some require that you meet strict regulatory standards to ensure the safety and well-being of your young customers and clients; others require little more than enthusiasm!

Here is a sample list of small business ideas for people who enjoy working with children:

List of Small Business Ideas For People Who Love Children

  • after school program
  • amusement park
  • arts and crafts lessons
  • baby footprint bronzing
  • baby photographer
  • baby-proofing service
  • babysitting service
  • back to school shopper
  • balloon animals
  • birthday party planning
  • boarding school
  • candy store
  • children's book author
  • children's book illustrator
  • children's consignment shop
  • children's gym
  • children's magazine
  • children's musician
  • children's theater
  • children's water park
  • clown rentals
  • dance lessons
  • doll maker
  • doula
  • educational game designer
  • educational software programmer
  • face painting
  • game arcade
  • healthy school lunches
  • home day care
  • indoor play area
  • infant massage therapist
  • infant sign language instructor
  • inflatable bouncer rentals
  • magician for birthday parties
  • midwife
  • Mommy-and-Me classes
  • Montessori school
  • mother's helper
  • music lessons
  • nanny service
  • on-site childcare for events
  • organic baby food
  • party rentals
  • play groups
  • playground equipment sales and installation
  • private school
  • skateboard park
  • storyteller
  • summer camp
  • teen dance club
  • teen magazine
  • toy maker
  • toy store
  • tutoring
  • Waldorf school
  • wilderness therapy camp
  • young adult novelist
  • youth sports league


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    • profile image

      tess 25 hours ago

      I am really interested in having an arts and crafts lesson for kids. What are the conditions for starting one

    • Albia Biocare profile image

      Mamta Goyal 4 months ago from chandigarh


    • homesweethomebiz profile image

      Millicent Perry 5 years ago from Columbus, Ga

      I was just talking to someone the other day who expressed an interest in starting a business that works with kids. I will have to tell her about your Hub. Those are great suggestions.

    • Beverly Stevens profile image

      Beverly Stevens 6 years ago from College Station

      Great hub! I wrote something similar. Yours is much better.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Hi kerryg,

      A great hub with lots of suggestions that i am sure will be useful to many.

      Useful plus up here.

      Take care,


    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      I would dearly love to do some of these suggestion because I love children but worries something might happened to them. Knowing my luck it will. Grat hub