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List of UK Party Plan Companies for Extra Income

Updated on September 19, 2016

If you're looking to work from home, or earn extra money, then one way that works for many people is party plan. Party plan opportunities and party plan jobs are to be found worldwide, in almost every product you can think of!

With party plan opportunity you find people who will host a party, inviting their friends and neighbours round for a few hours, and you attend the party to demonstrate the products of your chosen party plan company.

Over 400,000 people are already finding their personal and financial freedom through party plan - a job that fits around families, it fits around life.

Party Plan Income

With party plan, it's usual to be able to earn money in either/both of two ways:

  • Your income is derived from the sales you make at the parties you attend.
  • You can build a team, introducing other people to the party plan company - in this case you gain extra discounts (so make more money) on the goods you buy.

If you want to build a team, then make sure you understand exactly how the company's team structure works. Some will still require you to make your own personal sales, others won't have this requirement.

Party plan as a business model has been going for decades. The success of large companies such as Tupperware and Amway were built almost entirely on the party plan business model. It's a good way for many people to work in their local area, choosing the hours they work. Although it can be difficult to keep motivated until you build up your list of people who will hold regular parties for you, or until you've found a winning forumlae to keep your diary full.

Party Plan Companies

List of UK Parry Plan Companies for Extra Income
List of UK Parry Plan Companies for Extra Income | Source

There are dozens of party plan companies, so pick one carefully and ensure you will enjoy selling their range of products. Below is a list of UK Party Plan Companies to help you know what's out there and to see at a glance how much they might cost you to get started.

Party Plan Costs

There is usually a financial outlay involved in party plan companies. They are handing over hundreds of pounds worth of pristine stock, so they need to ensure they don't go out of business. Imagine if you walked down the road to the local jewellers, filled your bag with gold chains and simply said "it's OK, I'm going to be doing some parties and I'll be back with orders next week". They simply wouldn't do that would they!

So, there are costs involved in starting out in most party plan companies.

Exit Strategy: WARNING! Find out How to Leave Before You Join!

Party plan is a business.

You are taking orders from people, handling money, purchasing goods, and handing those goods over. But what if it doesn't work out for you?

  • What if you have a change of circumstances?
  • What if you simply can't find enough business in your area?
  • How do you LEAVE??

You need to know before you sign up what the exit strategy is.

  • Will the party plan company let you just hand the kit back?
  • Will they come after you for more money?

Ask these questions. Party plan companies aren't there to rip you off, but there does need to be some protection for them and you need to know what that is. Read the T&Cs!

e.g. with Usborne Books, the starter kit costs £100, but if you've not ordered £100 of books from them within 12 weeks then they'll close your account and bill you the FULL retail price of the books they sent you in that kit. So, if you received the books and simply sat them in the corner for 12 weeks, you'd be hit with a big bill.

ALWAYS find out how to LEAVE before you JOIN a party plan company...

Ann Summers Adult Lingerie etc

Ann Summers has been going for a number of decades now. Selling lingerie and bedroom toys, demonstrators need an open mind and a good sense of humour.

Although you pay out no money up front at all with Ann Summers, at the start you receive a Basic Party Organiser kit valued at approximately £500, which you will be charged a rental fee of £3.50 per week for 32 weeks or until you have banked £1,200 into your Ann Summers account (this normally takes around 8 weeks.)

Arbonne Skin Products Party Plan

Arbonne are fairly new to the UK, presenting a ground floor opportunity for anybody wanting to get in at the start.

Arbonne supply a range of premium Swiss-formulated skincare and cosmetics, which are safe, pure - and that work!

Arbonne party plan have been running in the USA for over 30 years and are also now in Australia, the UK and Canada. They have further plans to expand into Europe and beyond.The emphasis with Airbonne seems to be more on building a team, than selling the product - so there are questions to be asked here about their structure and how achievable it is for you if everybody is wanting to be a chief and nobody's in it to be an indian (and sell product).

Baghappy Handbags Party Plan

Baghappy have created a very special opportunity that is fun and exciting, very flexible and gives you a rewarding career that you're in control of.

Baghappy are slightly different to the rest as they actively encourage you to sell the bag collection in a variety of other ways, not just through party plan, but also through direct sales such as at craftshows, or corporate events, through catalogue sales and fairs/fetes/shows.

Baghappy limits the number of sellers in any one region - and there is a £99 annual license fee.

Bodyshop Party Plan

Bodyshop have shops across the country in towns and cities - and the Body Shop party plan enables you to take their great range of cosmetics and pampering products directly into people's homes. 

Start up costs are approximately £40 for the Starter Pamper Kit, complete with catalogues and everything you need.

Enjo Cleaning Products Party Plan

Clean the world with Enjo. Become an Enjo Consultant today. Members of the DSA.

It can be free to join Enjo, if you book parties in your first six weeks.   The Enjo starter kit contains products and equipment worth £500 so it's worth finding out how to do this.

Enjo has been enjoying recent growth as more people are interested in eco-friendly cleaning products and choosing a green route for their families.

Jamie at Home

Jamie at Home is a party plan company based around kitchenware and cookware, owned by Jamie Oliver, celebrity and TV chef.

You receive 20% commission on everything that you sell, plus there are additional incentives and bonuses to be grabbed.

To get started you need £15 for public liability insurance and £100 for the starter kit, which contains over £400 of Jamie at Home products.  If you're interested in food and cooking, then Jamie at Home might be a good party plan company to choose.


Kleeneze is more of a catalogue distribution company than party plan - but that doesn't stop you doing party plan too, or instead.

Startup costs are down to you buying the catalogues, which you then distribute, then you return a day or two later to collect the catalogue and/or order.

Kleeneze has been in business since 1923, selling housewares and homewares, originally they'd sell these door to door.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Party Plan

Join the 1.7 million Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants worldwide who have discovered the beauty of being in charge of their own lives.

You'll receive up to a 40% discount on products from Mary Kay, depending on the total value of your orders.


Oriflame have been around for decades now, selling perfumes in a party plan environment and through catalogues.

There's a new catalogue every four weeks. Customers get a full 90 day money back guarantee too, making it easier to sell the products as people have more trust in them.

Oriflame provide free training in how to demonstrate and sell Oriflame products to a group of your friends or family, enabling you to hold Beauty Demonstrations, which can earn you more money.

Oriflame try to be fair and to keep the costs down - that's why it's possible to get started for free, or nearly free.  Once you've placed your first order you get sent 10 free catalogues.

Particraft Party Plan

Particraft offer top quality training at their training centre in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

The parties are based around showing crafts.

The PartiCraft Demonstrator's Starter Kit offers superb value for money and contains everything you will need to hit the ground running with your new business!

You will also be offered the opportunity to take part in a fun and inspirational PartiCraft Demonstrator's Training Day.

Buy the PartiCraft Starter Kit for just £175 and you’ll receive over £300 worth of top quality products plus your PartiCraft Demonstrator's Training Day!

Party Plan FM

Party Plan FM, is a group of two party plan companies, with makeup parties or perfume parties to choose from. There's the additional option of throwing pampering parties and combining the two.

There are no minimum order quantities, so it's easier for a newcomer to get started.

Usborne Books

Usborne books are an international party plan company.  All you need to do is fill in and return  an Organiser Agreement, along with a start-up payment, and you will receive a specially selected Usborne Starter Kit, containing beautiful books and essential business stationery, worth at least £100.

Be careful though, item 11 of the agreement says if you don't sell £100 of books within your first 12 weeks then they'll close your account and invoice you for the full difference between what you paid for your kit and the full retail price of those books!

Vie at Home

This UK-based cosmetics party plan has changed names a couple of times, through a series of takeovers, mergers and buyouts (including the involvement of Richard Branson's Virgin company and brand).

Known simply as Vie at Home since 2009, the products are well-established in the marketplace. They are members of the Direct Selling Association and have over 8,000 party plan consultants.  The Vie at Home Starter Kit typically costs about £35-60, you'll also need public liability insurance at about £25.

Ann Summers
Adultwares, Lingerie
Avon Cosmetics
Cosmetics, Perfume
£99 annual license fee
Body Shop at Home
Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
Can be free
Cosmetics, Perfume, Pampering
Jamie at Home
Cookware, Kitchenware
£100 Starter Kit; £15 public liability insurance
Housewares and Cleaning Products
Mary Kay
Perfume, Beauty Products
Can be free.
£75-£175, depending if you start with the mni-kit, or full-kit.
No longer trading in the UK
Usborne Books
Books, Toys
£100. International.
Vie at Home
Cosmetics, Perfume
£35-60 + £25 insurance

Above are just a selection of UK party plan companies for you to think about. 

5 Tips To Choosing the Right Party Plan Company

  1. Make sure you love the products, if you're not keen and excited then sales will be flat
  2. Read all the small print carefully
  3. Know what the exit strategy is - how can you leave without owing the company money
  4. Pick the income you want: do you want to make money from selling products? from building a team? Or both?
  5. Make a commitment to yourself - it's a "job" and you need to put as much effort into putting the hours in as you would if you were employed at an employer's premises.


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    • juliancreative profile image


      7 years ago from cape cod ,massachuttes

      nice article

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      7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for this article. I gained a lot of insight.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      That was an incredible help and wonderfullist. Thanks for your honest and open opinion on each party plan.


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