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ListMyFive Earnings Review

Updated on May 23, 2012

 For those of us that published articles during eHows WCP days, we still see the earnings rolling in, but many of us are looking frantically for a place to publish our work. Many people did not get to take advantage of the WCP and are now left with the option of DS, and it mysterious group of schizophrenic copy editors. I for one choose not to deal with DS and have continued my search for a WCP with good earning potential similar to eHows. I will be blogging about the earning and progress of my findings.

In my search I discovered a webite called List My Five (LM5). LM5 is a platform where people can earn money by creating, publishing and sharing Top Five Lists online. LM5 pays a percentage of ad revenue generated by each listing page you create and publishe online. The platform is very simple and actually fun.

LM5 is a new site, and looks to be very promising. The site has not yet been ranked by Google, but the earings are still slowly increasing. Once the site is ranked, the earnings should be just about the same, if not better than eHows.

When I first started writing for eHow, the earnings were similar to my current earings with LM5. Infact, looking at my highest earning article on eHow, the first few months, the article made nothing but $0.02. Now the article brings me about $200 a month. Keep in mind, I do not backlink my articles or promote them, and my lists on LM5 seem to be doing better than my early days at eHow.

Before I begin I would like to remind you that this site is not yet ranked on Google, when it is there will be a large increase in earnings. I published my first list on LM5 in September when the site opened. That month my 1 list made $0.13 In October and November I did not add any lists and made an additional $0.27. In December I logged in and read the forums, where some LM5 users were claiming that their earnings have been increasing, so I decided to add more content. I added another 10 lists and made an additional $1.29. This month I went all in and pusblished list on top of list until I reached 133 lists. My earnings for the month of January so far, with 133 lists are $5.88. Which is far more than what I made with eHow in the first few months.

This may not seem like anything right now, but as we all know, the older the article gets the more it earns. With a total of 153 eHow articles I make about $1500 a month.

UPDATE: May 23rd, 2012

This is just a quick update of my progress with LM5. With 150 articles here are my Total Earnings to Date:$49.59

Yes, thats correct. A whopping $49.59 since September 2010.


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    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I agree that LM5 had some promise earlier on but now it appears as thought the site has been all but abandoned by the owners. Updates are about every week instead of daily as promised. With over 300 lists, I get around $20-30 a month - a fraction of what a few articles on eHow was able to send my way. Thumbs down to LM5 imho.

    • savannahbree10 profile image

      savannahbree10 6 years ago from Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada

      thanks for this useful hub ! i started writing for listmyfive this month and im trying to find out what i can about it.

    • profile image

      TattoGuy 6 years ago

      Always interested in new money making ideas, cheers for the heads up.