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Living Without A Job

Updated on February 6, 2011

Benefits Of Living Without A Job

If you can follow your passions and interests you can make a great living without the need for a traditional job. Not working the 9-5 has many benefits:

1. Scheduling your day around your interests and activities versus scheduling your day around a job.

2. No rush hour traffic to battle, you can drive when there is less traffic.

3. Your work doesn't feel like work, everyday is a joy.

4. Freedom to travel, no more asking for time off.

5. Control your income versus working for a salary that's fixed.

Earning A Living Without A Job

The question remains how can the average person who is just trying to pay their monthly bills break free from a traditional job.  A good start is to lower your monthly expenses to ONLY the essentials.  That means get rid of cable, netflix, dinners out, etc.

Taking control of your financial life means sacrificing initially until you build your business.  As your business grows so can your lifestyle and you can start adding the extras that you enjoy.

After reducing your expenses your going to want to try and pay off as much of your debt as possible.  If you have a car payment, sell the car and buy a older car for cash or at the very least finance a lower prices car.  Downsize your housing by renting a smaller apartment ot if your have a mortgage, rent out rooms or sell the property.  You are looking to cut or eliminate every possible debt.

After drastically reducing your expenses and debt, it's time to start creating your business income.  From my experience the best businesses tend to be the ones with the lowest start-up costs, lowest overhead, and can be done from anywhere.

I am partial to internet businesses since it is one of the few businesses that fit all three criteria.  If you choose this type of business it's best to start off with the easiest and fastest forms of income until you they cover your monthly expenses.

Focusing on taking online surveys and writing articles is the easiest and fastest online income that almost anyone can do.  After a few months of constant work these methods should start to generate the type of income you need to cover your new much lower expenses.

Once this happens you can start working on creating websites and ebooks.  These require very little money but much more time to create.  Once you have created them the passive income should start to flow in and allow you to create more.

At this point you may be making enough money to start adding the extras back into your life.  This process can work as it is the one I followed to leave my job and anyone can duplicate it successfully with enough hard work and sacrifice.

Living A Great Life Without A Job

Once you become your own boss you never will want to go back to working for "the man".  It is a great life that many people dream about but few people actually have.

If your looking to step out of the traditional job you can do it.  For the costs of a few domains and writing software( less than a few $100 total) you can quit your job.


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