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Living in Your Own Decisions

Updated on February 20, 2014
When making a decision, stay calm and keep your focus. Look at something that calms your senses while thinking. Be ready with the consequences of your decision.
When making a decision, stay calm and keep your focus. Look at something that calms your senses while thinking. Be ready with the consequences of your decision.

A HUGE SIGN on the billboard says - "it is better to live in the decisions that you make rather than live in someone's else in your entire life".

Can you recall the last time when you a made decision? I mean a decision that is solely yours.

How many times in your life have you felt that you always lived under the decisions made by others? Or perhaps that other people may have influenced your decision that it is not actually the “decision” you want. Most people, usually the young ones, are caught in this kind of dilemma. Parents in some cases often decide what degree their children should take in college. Even what type of clothes their children should wear. In the guise of suggesting, parents often end up imposing their decision on their children. A child feeling without a choice but to follow their parents would enroll in course that they really do not like and regret it for the rest of his life.

In most countries, a person who reached the age of eighteen is considered to have reached the age of majority or adulthood. It is at this age, that a person is no longer considered a “minor” and can validly enter into contractual obligations. An adult has the right to decide on his own and should be responsible for any decision that he takes. It is at this age that a person is deemed to be capable of making intelligent decisions.

Given a certain set of facts and the peculiar situation you are in there are times that you have to make a decision. Your decision may not be the best as perceived by others but the important thing is that you are the one who made that decision. The decision made may be an error but learning the consequences of a decision is a part of life. What doesn’t kill you will definitely make you stronger. When the time comes that you have to make a decision, render what you think is best and learn from it. Not all of your decisions will be correct and it is impossible to please everybody. There are decisions that may be popular but it doesn’t mean that it is the correct one. What is important is that the decision is your own.

More often, we depend on the views of others before making a decision and before acting on a given set of circumstance. It is very hard to act if other people have not validated your own decision. Usually we have to wait for the decision of others before making our own. However, even the best decision makers make mistakes. In making a decision, it is necessary to gather as much information, weigh different options, consult experts and render what you think is best based on the prevailing situation. Yet whatever the decision may be, you have to be ready to defend that decision and live by it.

In this world where we are faced with conflicting opinions and different views, we need to be strong enough to make our own decision. While our decision may not be the best, it is always better to live your life in a decision that you make rather than live your life on the decision made by your elders, parents, friends or simply because it is the popular one. Study and dissect all material facts to arrive at a sound decision. Listen to what others think. But at the end, it is you who should make the decision on how you are going to live your life. It is your life anyway…


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    • theBAT profile image

      theBAT 3 years ago

      Hi Solaras. Thanks for reading this hub. It is a common experience to have our parents "step in as a payer" in our decisions. In fairness to them, they only want what they think is good for us. Yet, sooner or later we need to make our own decisions and pursue our passion.

    • Solaras profile image

      Solaras 3 years ago

      Interesting - Until my junior year, I did not know where my interests were in college; my father stepped in as the payer and said, "Go to business school." It was the farthest thing from my interests, but there it is and there you have it. It is what I did. Maybe I will get back to my first inclinations one day. Not profitable were they lol.