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Living life with positive attitude confidence and great expectations

Updated on August 25, 2011

Living life with great expectations

Great expectations is the stuff dreams are made of. Being optimistic or having a positive attitude always is indeed an art, especially when things around you start crumbling down. Having a positive attitude doesn't happen overnight; it is the result of positive thinking that you have developed over the years. Without great expectations, life is rather dreary and there is nothing much to look forward to. People often get confused between being realistic and having an attitude of gloom and doom. Optimistic people are also accused of living with their heads in the air or may be even living a lie. There is a difference between delusion and optimism; you could be realistic and optimistic. I would rather live with great expectations and optimism than dread, mourn, weep and wail about things as they happen around me. Over the years, I have worked hard on shedding off this negative attitude that I had which only made me see the dark side of things. I love this positive attitude, confident outlook that I’ve developed over the years and I wouldn’t throw it away in another million years.

How to develop a positive attitude and a confident outlook

Developing a positive attitude is sometimes easier said than done. You find it difficult when things around you are falling apart and everything that you put your hands to seems to fail. It is more so, when people around you are vindictive, mean and critical. It is amidst all the chaos that you really need to be optimistic if you want to survive.

Adopt a positive attitude confidence in approach and have great expectations

To cultivate a positive attitude and a confident outlook to life, one needs to adopt some changes in the way he/she thinks, speaks and acts on a day to day basis. Your choice of words to express yourself says a lot about your attitude. If you go around saying negative things about yourself, others and your circumstances, you cannot expect to have great thngs happening to you. We really need to train ourselves in the way we speak. It would be better to speak ten positive words than a whole bunch of negative stuff. Sometimes, silence is golden.

The thoughts that you think are precursors to the words that you say. This is the first place where the change needs to be effected. You need to keep a track of the thoughts that you think. What kinds of thoughts fill your minds moment after moment? Are you even aware of the thoughts that you think? Negative thoughts are like the grime and the dust that clogs the wheels of a machine, and if we take so much care to clean, oil and restore the machine to its former functioning, how much more should we be doing that with our mind which is doing so much for us? Most of us aren’t even aware of the negative thoughts that occupy our minds. Great expectations never begin with negative thoughts.

Great expectation needs positive attitude and a positive environment to take root and grow

If you find that you are thinking negative thoughts often, you need to take stock of your thoughts. The thoughts that we think come from the friends and companions with whom we interact throughout the day. They are also triggered off by the stuff we read, the music we listen to and all the other forms of information that we receive through our senses. If we let our minds stay for too long on negative things, it is difficult to be optimistic. You need to break away from people and thoughts that are negative. We need to cultivate positive thinking, which means that we take note of every thought and allow only positive thoughts to take root in us.

Living a life of great expectation and confidence begins with faith in self and others. Skepticism and criticism should never be allowed to linger around for too long. When circumstances seem to be against us, it is time to take stock of all the good things that have come our way, particularly in that area in which we are facing difficulty.

Focus on the positive is the way to living life with confidence

Keeping track of good things helps your mind to remain positive when things are not working out. I, for one, would like to list down the things that I have learned, the people I have met, the lovely experiences that I have had, the recognitions that I have got and all the little perks that have come my way, and mull over them for some time. This helps you to keep your balance - in the way you think and feel about something or someone. It actually checks negativity at its root and puts you in a very positive frame of mind.

Focus on the positive. Do those things that make you feel good and feel like you have accomplished something. For example, if something is not working out with regard to work, then I would focus on a craft or some creative work which I am pretty confident about the end result of which would leave me happy and give me the feeling of having accomplished something. It is easier to handle difficult times with optimistic or positive approach.

Having a positive attitude is another way of self- discipline, where you discipline your mind to stay on a certain track and not run its own negative course.

Open yourself to possibilities rather than living life without expectations great or not.

Focusing on what can be done rather mourning about how bad things are is not only a positive or an optimistic way to handle the issue, but it is the only way to move forward. Negativity and grumbling about how bad things are cause you to be static and without growth. Sometimes, it could even undermine chances of future growth.

Being optimistic opens your eyes towards all possibilities, which gives you a fair chance of being open and willing to try newer opportunities that come your way.

Living life with a positive attitude fills you with great expectations and confidence

Having a positive attitude not only enables you to accept reality but also helps cope with it in a positive manner that is conducive to your mental and physical health. Having great expectations is indeed the very spice of life without which life would be bleak and bland. Though like every good thing, adopting a positive attitude calls for effort and hard work from your side, it is an attitude worth cultivating. In fact, I would go as far as to say that if there’s one way to live life, live it with great expectations, positive attitude and confidence. You are then ready to receive the best that life has to offer. Go ahead expect great things from life and life life, loving it!!


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