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Locating International Teaching Jobs Online Today

Updated on June 9, 2015

International teaching jobs cover a wide range of subjects and can be found in many countries outside the United States.

As a teacher with the right qualifications, you could find yourself working in a public school teaching English, a vocational school teaching math or an adult education facility teaching a variety of subjects.

All Age Groups

In fact, there are jobs for every kind of teacher for all age groups in practically any country you can think of.

Asian Cities Seeking Teachers

Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Beijing, Kazakhstan and Seoul are among the Asian cities currently seeking teachers and principals for their school systems. English teachers are needed throughout the world. Most schools teach English as a second language from the time a child enters elementary school.

In addition to providing an opportunity to travel and live in other parts of the world, the advantages of teaching internationally may be several. Some countries offer free housing and other benefits because their need for teachers is so great.

Teaching Vacancies Online

You can find teaching vacancies at a variety of websites online, including, which is covered in more detail in the last section of this article. To qualify for the jobs, you will usually need a degree in the subject and a teaching certification. TELF courses can also help.


Utilizing Online TELF Courses to Teach Aboard

Online TELF courses allow you to learn at your own pace and gain certification in teaching English as a foreign language. While there are jobs of this kind in the U.S., there are many more in non-English speaking countries.

TELF certifications vary in their makeup. Employers who require a TEFL certification typically want you to have spent at least 100 hours of study and at least six hours observing teaching practice. When teaching abroad, the certification in teaching English to speakers of other languages is often required.

Online courses may count towards these kinds of certifications. But, there must be some face-to-face component in order to gain certification. If you already have experience teaching English, you may be able to gain a TEFL diploma to get started.

How Teach Away Finds International Teaching Jobs for You

Teach Away is a recruiting agency created to help teachers find jobs in many regions and countries of the world. One of the advantages of Teach Away is that all of the jobs are with reputable institutions. They do a great deal of the research for you.


Both public and private schools make use of the recruiting agency to find teachers and principals. On any given day, you will find hundreds of jobs listed at The company works directly with facilities around the world that have a need for native English speaking teachers.

One of the reasons for the need has to do with the number of U.S. citizens living in various parts of the world with their children. You could find yourself teaching subjects other than English to students whose parents are originally from the U.S.

The Experience

The experience of international teaching jobs is worth more than the salary or the other perks that go along with the job. Whether you decide to make a home in the foreign country or come back to the U.S., you will have a respected job to include on your resume and memories of everything you saw and did in the country. If you are a teacher or you want to become one, teaching internationally is definitely something to learn more about and pursue.


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