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Logical Emotion or Emotional Logic: Sales and Marketing Tactics

Updated on December 22, 2014
Courtesy of dream designs
Courtesy of dream designs
Courtesy of Rakratchada Torsap
Courtesy of Rakratchada Torsap

Do logical thinking and emotional thinking go together?

In my opinion, they do.

Most would say that women, in general, think on an emotional basis: men on a logical one.

I don't know if I totally agree with that form of thinking. In all actuality, I didn't plan on this hub turning into a psychological article.

The idea with this hub is to show what is better to use in sales and marketing. Should we use logic or emotion?

We are going to try a test. I will attempt to market and sell you on certain items using several techniques. I will install a series of polls after each one.

Lets do this!

The Preview

We will go through a short sales pitch

You will listen to Joe Wise try to sell a client.

You will then hear Jimmy Happy attempt to sell the same item.

I ask that you put yourself in the position of the prospective customer. When finished with each, there will be some poll questions. Please answer them truthfully.

Do keep in mind that an actual sales pitch would be longer and more in depth. This is just a basic idea to form thought patterns.

Thank you for your participation.

Joe Wise Pitches The Practical Rock Tumbler

Joe: "Hello folks, how are you today?"

Prospects: "Fine; how are you?"

Joe: "I am good! Today I want to show you folks an item that can polish and shine. You very well can make money with it. It is the Practical Rock Tumbler."

Male Prospect: "I don't have time to mess with a rock tumbler. We're not interested."

Joe: "Well sir, you see, you can clear the rocks from your yard and make money after you have put them in the tumbler and shined them. You can sell them for cash. You do like to earn money don't you?"

Prospect: "Of course I like to make money, but I don't have a lot of time. My wife doesn't either."

Joe: "You see sir, it makes good sense to buy this rock tumbler. It only costs $39.99 and you could make that back, and more after just gathering a few rocks. It is just a logical thing to do."

Prospects: "Hmmmm?????"

Joe Wise Poll #1

Was the pitch

See results

Joe Wise Poll #2

Would You Buy?

See results

Jimmy Happy Sells The Amazing Rock Tumbler

Jimmy: "Good Morning. It's a beautiful day!"

Prospects: "Hi!"

Jimmy: "You folks look so young; do you have children?"

Female Prospect: Giggles with a "We're old, but we do have young grandchildren."

Jimmy: "Well I have the perfect item for you folks. (Pulling the tumbler out) This amazing rock tumbler will give your grandchildren hours of pleasure. They can find beautiful rocks and shine them up for Grandma and Grandpa to decorate with." You sure love those Grandchildren don't you?"

Prospects: Big smiles, "Yes, we love our grandchildren."

Jimmy: "Just for you both today, and those lovely grandchildren, I am going to offer a special. This amazing rock tumbler will be yours to surprise them for only $59.99."

Prospects: "??"

Jimmy Happy Poll #1

Was the pitch

See results

Jimmy Happy Poll #2

Would you buy?

See results

What Drives Great Sales and Marketing?

There may be some that oppose what I am about to say, but


Yes, a little logic helps, but humans buy from their emotions. It doesn't matter who the potential customer is, emotional driven sales techniques work better than logical ones. Personally, I would use an emotional sales pitch if it were:

  • Bill Gates
  • Donald Trump
  • or even Warren Buffett

Logical Emotion


Use a Little

Some logic should always be installed in a sales or marketing campaign.

A little anyway.


After the customer purchases the product you sold them, they have to have a logical reason to justify the purchase.

You do want to sell them with emotions, but you need to give enough logic so that they have a way to justify their decision.

Emotional Logic


Over the Top

As a sales or marketing agent, you have to be careful of going too far emotionally.

If you go into a hype, you may just "turn the client off."

It is a fine line.

My suggestion is to listen to what the client is telling you, and also to what they are not telling you.

An example may be: you are talking with them about pets. You find out that their dog just died two days prior. You are selling vacuum cleaners and the pitch was describing how the machine gets pet hair out of carpet.

Yea, the sales manager told you to follow the sales pitch, but....

Now is the time to move away from the whole pet conversation. "Wow, you said you worked as a mechanic John?" I know mechanics drag grime and dirt into the house, don't they Mary? Our 400 HP vacuum can get it all."

You just moved away from that sad pet story, and brought out the happy memories of the job he did, and the angry memories the wife had of the grime.

Common sense in the emotion and logic marketing and sales venue is the key.

Common sense: use it and you will win!

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Did you learn something today?

Emotion sells and emotion buys.

Logic justifies.

Remember when you are marketing or selling: a little logic and a lot of


Don't forget that you can have a lot of smiles if you buy frog juice--send $69.99 and get yours!


© 2014 Greg Boudonck


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    • profile image

      Juicy 3 years ago

      Hum so this means that the straight subliminal message is that we all may get your juice for 69.99?

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 3 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

      I don't believe I said anything about "my" juice. Maybe some little frogs from somewhere are put in a blender and made into a green and yellow liquid that will be drank.

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