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Look for a career change from retail management

Updated on April 26, 2012

Never Give Up!!!

I wanted to subtitle this text Never Give Up, because after 30 years of being in retail management and hating every day of it; I have been trying to get out of it for at least the last 20 years, with no luck. This is a field if one is very successful, a lot of money can be made. So just to let everyone know I have been very successful. That being said making the money will never give one the time back that has been missed doing things with the family.

Giving each company worked for ones all helps to make one successful and keep ahead of the knowledge and experience needed to stay on top as one of the best retail managers in the business. Working hard always seem to get someone else the credit. Making someone else look good for the work that is done with ones hard work, is not something that I plan to do the rest of my life. This now may have another asking the question, "what has been done or tried to get out of retail management?"

Some jobs that interested me like driving a truck, well here this was my big way out of retail management. OK maybe not. The money was good, the things that were close to retail management was long hours, delivering to retail stores, six day work weeks, and a lot of hard work with no driver helper. When one drives a car looking i the rear view mirror is one of the norms. I did not think something that simple would cause one to dislike driving a truck more then the other things that were listed here. Only being able to us ones side mirrors gave a very tensed felling, I could not drive and be comfortable.

Thinking now along the lines of sales, how a bout selling life and health insurance. Great ideal right, wrong; during train and classes a nice schedule, Monday through Friday 9 to 5. OK one may be onto something here, wrong; after training one would have to work when ever an appointment can be made with a working client. Most of the time this was nights and weekends. Welling to try to stay with this was cool, but then here comes the kicker. Each sales rep has a sales manager, the job of the sales manager was to keep an office full of at least ten sales reps and client files old and new. This is where the sales leads came from; if the sales manager did not give one any leads they could find them for themselves or purchase leads list from the internet.

This sales manager was stealing the sales leads for himself, causing a new sales rep like myself not to make my sales goal and not making the money I needed to survive. Just like with the truck driving job I left for a reason this became another reason to leave this position. Both causing me to go back to what I have been successful with in the past ones again retail management.

Sticking with the ideal that retail management could make one very successful in sales, so why not become a car sales rep. This can be good money draw against commission, using demo cars and dressing nice each day. Leads were very important again and referrals. In this business building a strong client base was important and being there 12 hour shifts six days a week was the key to success. Too Many Long Hours.

One of the biggest disappointments one may have is going on USA Jobs board trying to search for a job. The best part a like about using USA Jobs is they at least give one whatever the end result is after the application process. I have been close but turned down for every possible interview one may have had since 2005 to date.



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