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The Opportunity To Help Everyone

Updated on November 26, 2010

Looking For Those People Interested In Starting A Business

When we find a business we want to do

We are looking for friends and family to join us in our new business venture

As we plan for what that business will entail

Spending hours to redefine our goals and agenda

Reaching an understanding of what is important and what things have to be changed

Our ideas become more solid and we find what works and what doesn't

Through trial and error

Knowing practice makes perfect

We want to see our dreams materialize and grow

Finding the right people who have the same loves and desires as you

Through the age of computers this new approach can be cost effective

This takes time and patience that will magically form

Into something very special that we can all appreciate and give 120%

As I search for people I can only ask are your passions the same as mine ?

Filling a need that many have for something that can make their life better than before

I want to help the world with a new product

That is not too costly and can be available to everyone who wants it

I have ideas and if you are like me and would like to keep trying to get my vision across

Join me

Becoming my partner with others

We are the select few who shall succeed

Even though tough times may strike

We stay on track with our initial fight

Making a business out of our greatest needs

To help others and see us prosper

To bring about change in the way things are

To see things that we have developed from our imagination

With knowledge and teamwork we can start a new generation

Of many people that have a little time and pure inspiration

To see their own united vision become reality


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