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Controlling Interview Anxiety

Updated on January 29, 2014

Find a Way to Stop Worrying


Patience Only Seems Foolish; Actually It Isn't

Being a successful job-hunter means coming out of the experience in tact. To do that, you have to avoid excessive anxiety, and get a job that will not make you wish you were still unemployed.

It helps to have some kind of deadline for your job search. It could be measured by how much time you have left before your money runs out, or your roommate's threat to kick you out by a certain date if you're still hanging around all day.

Deadlines help define our lower limit of expectation. As the time runs out, we settle for less.

Often employers are our best career counselors. Interviewers can teach us about ourselves, sometimes harshly.

As days pass, we get to know ourselves better. We learn where we fit in.

The first question to ask yourself each morning is whether today is your final day before crossing the deadline. If it isn't, try to relax. Do what you feel up to doing. If your confidence in your voice is low, don't make phone calls. If you look terrible, don't interview. Crawl into a corner and read want ads. Write emails.

Although you feel like you're chiseling through a stone wall, keep doing what you can. Enjoy yourself along the way. Have as few expectations as possible. Focus on the positive and ignore the bad.

Luck, by definition, always takes us by surprise. Your good luck is coming. When you have bad luck, you are especially due for good luck according to the law of chance. With each passing day, your chance of landing a job gets greater.

Never stop wanting a job, but don't become obsessed. Put the job search on the back burner when you're not in the mood. Take a nap or a walk and get back to it later.

Don't look too hard for a job. Sometimes the job will find you. Finding a job is like finding love. It just happens. You have no control over when.

If you force things, you may end up with a bad job for which you aren't suited. When you consider applying, imagine the people who work there already and come into the writing of the resume, application, or cover letter with the attitude of wanting to help those people.

Remain calm. Be patient. Be happy. You will be successful eventually.


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