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Looking for genuine online jobs ?

Updated on August 28, 2014

Overview of Genuine online jobs

The internet serves as a great medium for each one of us to share are thoughts, views, ideas and opinions. Everyone on the planet earth has all the rights to share information or retrieve information, however, the credibility of the information over the internet cannot be verified. Internet is not only used for sharing or retrieving information, but over the years internet has been incorporated with various aspects of our day to day life. For instance, job search earlier was confined to newspapers, magazines or employment news, nevertheless, job search did not remain untouched by the internet and job seekers can now search innumerable job openings with just a click of a button. Finding full-time employment was not so convenient, however those who look for online jobs must have come across online job listings asking them to pay a membership fee or a joining fee to get started with the work. All of these listings under the category of online jobs are scams designed to dupe people of their money, by making fake promises of an enormous earning potential. This hub revolves around finding genuine online jobs, that do not require any membership or joining fee and are for real.

For enhanced earning potential with genuine online jobs
For enhanced earning potential with genuine online jobs | Source

What genuine online jobs one can take up ?

Online jobs are diversified set of job options, demanding different skill set to complete a particular task. One can choose from a plethora of genuine online jobs which suit their skill set and interests. Here in this section, you will gain an insight into various online jobs, the responsibilities, required skills and the remuneration. All these set of jobs complement your monthly earnings, provided you have a full-time job and you want to take up a genuine online job for a secondary source of income. Genuine online jobs must be kept as a secondary source of income, because the payout that one gets is not sufficient enough to be a primary source of income. Nevertheless, after earning some experience in an online job, getting used to the tricks of the tradel; you may take it up as a full-time employment cause after having spent decent amount of years as an online job professional, you will develop contacts with other professionals as well as a nurtured chain of clients, which would eventually keep the cash flow constant throughout your career. As for the key to success, dedication, commitment and independence are the traits that would make you shake hands with success.

1. Virtual Assistant
One of the latest genuine online jobs, with mammoth earning potential as one can work with a set of clients. As a virtual assistant one needs to perform all the activities that a full-time assistant performs, but the catch here is that you would be required to perform these duties remotely from a cafe or from the comfort of your home. Small businesses and startups can be credited to the creation of this job role, as they cannot afford to hire a full-time assistant which thereby led to the virtual medium of employment for this role. Bookkeeping, scheduling, attending phone calls, making reservations and fixing appointments are the generic duties of a virtual assistant. As for the compensation, a virtual assistant is paid on the basis of number of hours put to work.

2. Medical Transcriptionist
A medical transriptionist is responsible for converting audio files into written documents. The role is to convert audio files recieved by a doctor, which can contain the medical history of a patient, prescriptions and other medical matters, and converting the audio recordings into text format documents by the means of a computer. This online job role does require the know-how of medical terms and is considered as an allied health profession. Here too, as most of the genuine online jobs the payments are done on the basis of number of hours put to work.

3. Web Developer/Designer
One of the most in-demand profiles from the information technology domain. The advent of internet has given a boost to this job profile. One can easily find both full-time and online job options for this profile. A web developer is responsible for designing a website, template modifications, redesigns, code updates, hosting and enhancing user experience. Web developers are paid on the basis of a project and also get paid monthly charges for maintaining particular website, apart from the development costs.

4. Content Writer/Editor
If you posses the ability to put your thoughts into words cohesively, then you can start scanning the web for genuine online jobs for content writer. The rising demand of content for the purposes of search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media; can be credited to the rise of this job profile. Content writers are highly sought after by organizations who are present online. The earning potential of this profile is higher as compared to the rest, as one can easily work with varied set of clients and the payment is based on the number of words that you have written, which makes the payout get hefty.

For better performance in a genuine online job.
For better performance in a genuine online job. | Source

Online jobs or get-rich-quick scams

One can find countless online jobs listings that promise to make you rich quickly, but such is not the case. A study conducted in the US has the findings that 97% of online work from home jobs are scams, that are well designed to extort money from people who are on a look out for genuine online jobs. Nevertheless, genuine online jobs do exist and require a minimum amount of education, work experience and the skills essential for that particular job role.

How to identify fake online jobs

One can easily spot an online job which certainly is a trap. The first pointer to a fake listing is that it will promise to make you rich in no time. There are many other pointers to keep in mind that will help you identify a fake online job, and they are as under:
- To start getting the work you will be required to make a payment.
- The hourly wages or the payments mentioned in the post will be unrealistic.
- The employer will not ask for any prior experience, skills, certification or any other qualifications.
- The company will be not be so famous, chances are that it might not even exist.
- Company name is similar to a well known organization, but might not have a permanent address.
- The company offers unnatural benefits of working in a very short duration.
- The company tries to get in touch with you, without even getting a single response.

Where to find genuine online jobs

Genuine online jobs, when you enter this phrase on any of the search engines, millions of results will turn up just with a press of a button, however, as per a survey 7 listings out of 10 which claim to be genuine online jobs are scams, to extort money from people. So when scanning for online jobs over the internet, one needs to apply his or her sense of judgement. Also following the above mentioned points to identify fake online jobs will be of great help. The second best practice, while looking for genuine online jobs is to target credible and reliable job sites, like CareerBuilder where the listings are verified before being posted online. Using a job site like CareerBuilder will allow you to narrow down your search to a specific skill set or the profile that suits your interest. Also one can apply for multiple job openings on this websites, which will make the chances of landing with a genuine online job, go way up higher.


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    • Wajahat2512 profile image

      Syed Wajahat Hasan naqvi 

      4 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      Nice post learn a lot from here.


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