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Looking into the eyes of defeat.

Updated on November 23, 2015

Where it starts.

Some years ago I looked into a new career for my life. I took an idea or a hope that I had been thinking about and went in to ask some questions. Some of the answers I had gotten didn't fully answer what I was asking. I went back for one last attempt at getting what I need to move forward with maybe starting a new Career. I went in and talked to someone who knew more about what I was asking about then anyone else in the field. Got what I thought was a little positive feed back. Anyways, left and went back to normal life. I couldn't do much with what I was told given some of the things in my past that has happened. So I left things alone and told myself I would look into things again when I had the chance.

The problem

Not long after the questions were answered and I had decided to wait till I could actually do something about my goal. I was kicked out of where I was staying. During this time there were things that caused some problems (meds, sleep, etc.) that lead me to ask if I could even still continue with wanting to begin or attempt to become a part of this new career. Well, I was arrested for a small charge later that year, but with the help of my family and a great lawyer the case was dismissed. Although I with some help spoke to my lawyer about my case and the chance of trying to become a police officer. Given something's out of my control I no longer can ever try to become a Boone County Police Officer.


Every time you set a goal or standard for yourself you look at the chance of being defeated. When I was little all I wanted to do was be a solider or a police officer. Pretty much just wanted to serve and protect. But I was defeated so to say. But I am glad it's not the only things I wanted to do in this world. Maybe someone is telling me something or maybe I didn't know what I was getting into. Everyone keeps telling me that the job isn't what it once was. But all I do know is that my attempt was real and I tried. I can't change or help what happened and thankfully the reasons were out of my control. To all the officers out there that are true to the code. Good luck.


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