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Love or Not to Love

Updated on August 8, 2012

Love your job!

Having long-term experience in customer services delivery, I came to a conclusion that what our customer service ambassadors lack is efficient communication with the customers. In spite of that very few businesses that have adopted western management style actively use communications mix based upon thorough marketing research, many local small, medium and big businesses still count on traditional way of communicating with external and internal customers to the detriment of brand and performance management. This eliminates the possibility to gain competitive advantage and present a new quality in the market.

Solution of efficient communication consists in application of integrated components: business ethics and intelligence, marketing mix and performance management tools. Nevertheless, due to the lack of financial means and resources, the market players operate with limited resources and capabilities and have to close the doors on the face of "marketing".

I love my job and therefore I love my customers. If I hated my job, I'd hate my customers. I hate my job but it pays well and therefore I have to love my customers. It seems simple. This is a common opinion among local customer service ambassadors. This must owe to gaps in relationship management, or HR and/or performance management?! Relating it to human factor, I assume that external environment can have a significant but not decisive impact on the performance. "I love what I do now, and therefore you will also love what I do now" was my infectious motto that was spread among my colleagues. This may sound too individual and depend on the individual behavioral competencies, but love towards your job may make you unique and a valuable asset to the company you are employed.

Today I dealt with one of the local leading bank's front-office, and on the way back to office I counted the seconds to arrive to tweet "Dear Senior Management of Bank X, Front-line office is the face of your bank! So I want to spit upon your face!". I intended to close my bank account and write a long complaint letter. Coming back from the second appointment from the bank, I wanted to delete my tweet as I was made to change my mind. As a matter of a fact, another front-line staff member told me the same information and offered another solution to my problem. He was more professional and tactful, cared about his job, his bank's identity, me and his colleagues. He must be fond of his job.


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