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Low Cost Home-Based Business

Updated on August 7, 2014

Why Online Business?


Do you know that you can run a home-based online business without actually investing a large sum of money as capital?

Yes, you can!

What do you mean that it is impossible?

Ah, I see…

You're now thinking that you'll have to invest a lot of money as capital for you to make money online.

You're absolutely wrong.

Do you want to know why? I'm just going to tell you.

Let me tell you that you can start a low cost home-based business today.

You don't have to invest a lot of money as capital for you to start a home-based business.

You can actually make a lot of money online while you're at home.

There are people who have already done this and you can too do it.

It all starts with YOU.

As long as you're willing, committed and you have the passion then I don't see the reason why you can't make money online from the comfort of your home.

And the good thing about online business is that you can run it from anywhere, anytime and you don't have to work all the time.

It is really tiresome to work all day long running an offline business.

If an offline business is not opened, then no one will make a purchase. It is closed.

But this is not the case with an online business.

Even when you're asleep, still people can buy products from your online business.

Although this is the case, I'm not saying that all is rosy running an online business. There are thorns too. For example, attracting adequate traffic to your online business is something that is not all that easy.

Many online businesses fail because of lack of traffic.


So Many Ways to Make Money Online

You see, there are so many ways that you can make money online.

You can sell your own products online, you can sell other people's products online or you can get hired online to do jobs that are being advertised.

There are many jobs that are being advertised online each day. Some of these jobs that are being advised are work from home jobs that you can apply for to get hired.

I work from home and I know what it takes to work from home. I have done several online jobs from the comfort of my home.

I'm a blogger.

When we started our first blog, it taught me a lot what it takes to make money online. I have learned a lot about internet marketing, search engine optimization, how to write content that sales and many more other things about internet marketing.

Through the experience I have earned for the past seven years, I'm now possess internet marketing skills that I'm so willing and passionate to teach others so that they excel also as far as making money online is concerned.

However, I MUST tell you that it isn't easy to make money online. And as such it takes your commitment, passion and hard work.

You also need to invest in learning on how to go about making money online. Of course, there are many online courses you can enroll for to learn internet marketing skills.

There is no magic. It's all about learning how to make money online.

You'll make mistakes here and there but the mistakes you'll be making will make you to do something better than before. Learning from your mistakes will make you to succeed since you'll know where you went wrong.

As I have already told you, there are so many ways you can make money online, but for today, let's discuss on how to make money online through forum (also known as message board.)


Internet Forum or Message Board

Can you make money online through internet forums?

Absolutely yes!

In the year 2008, we had started our own forum with my business partner. I don't do business alone; I have my business partner who I have worked with for several years. Anyway, that is not what I want to tell you, it is a by the way…

We noticed it as an online business opportunity to venture into.

During that time, internet forums had started to gain so much popularity.

The reasons why they were gaining much popularity include:

1.) They were used by website/blog owners as one of the techniques to optimize the search engines.

2.) They were used for marketing purposes.

3.) They were used for interaction purposes (sharing information by way of discussions.)

I'm not saying that internet forums have become outdated. They're still very important and they can't be underrated when it comes to marketing and search engine optimization.

Did we make any money from our internet forum? This is probably what you want to know.

My answer is yes, we made some dollars online through our internet forum.

However, I MUST admit that it wasn't all that easy.

First, we had the challenge of attracting many people to post threads on our forum.

Secondly, we didn't have our own products which we were selling and as such we relied on Google's AdSense to make money from the forum.

Thirdly, we were pushed into a corner when Google released the new algorithm known as panda.

So, we eventually closed the forum to focus ourselves on blogging and internet marketing.


Six Things I Discovered

The following is what I discovered about making money online through forums:

1.) It MUST attract the right kind of people each day for it to generate an income.

2.) The administrator should have a product(s) to sell on the forum.

3.) It MUST have sufficient number of members who are active each day.

4.) The threads and posts should be useful. The threads should address a particular problem and members should post solutions on how they managed to solve the problem.

5.) Forums can make money through advertisements. Once a lot of people are visiting a particular forum then the forum administrator should sell advertisement space to advertisers.

6.) The forum MUST target a particular niche that is profitable (a niche that can be monetized).


Can You Start Your Own Internet Forum?

Yes, you can!

I told you already that making money online starts with YOU.

There is always a low cost home-based business that you can venture into.

To tell you the truth, there is no business you can start without investing some money.

It is not expensive to start your own forum but you'll need some money in order to maintain it.

As such, your forum needs marketing.

You'll also hire people to work with.


Internet Forum Jobs

Internet forums have created employment opportunities either directly or indirectly.

It can be a challenge to constantly create unique threads to post on a forum each day.

Being a prolific writer is not attainable easily.

However, finding forum posters to hire is something that has become easier nowadays.

Many homes have computers that are connected to the internet and as such there are many people who are using the internet to search for online jobs.

Among the many online jobs advertised, there are also forum jobs. There are forum administrators who are searching for forum posters and moderators to hire them.

They want to hire the right people who will post the kind of threads they want on their forums and also who will be moderating their forums.

Now, this is an employment opportunity for you to grab. It is an opportunity for you to get hired as a forum poster or moderator. You'll work from home and get paid as a forum poster or moderator.

Paid forum posting isn't a new concept.

Some of the forum members are loyal. They post threads on forums because they enjoy the sense of community they have there. However, these members could have made money if they got hired as forum posters.

When you get hired as a forum poster, you should only post high-quality content that is helpful to other members of the forum.

Why quality content?

The reason is that no forum administrator will continue to hire a forum poster who posts crap content on his forum.

On the other hand, forums administrators will be glad to continue hiring a forum poster who posts high-quality content that is helpful and engaging.

Posting on forums high-quality content that is helpful and engaging is one way of advertising yourself as a forum poster.

There are forum administrators who visit other forums to outsource forum posters.

So, if they read your forum threads that you have posted and acknowledge that they contain high-quality information, then they might end up hiring you to post threads on their forums.

That is how you'll make money online from the comfort of your home.

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