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Updated on May 6, 2011


 I have lost count of the number of interviews I have conducted for posts at varied levels and can also recall when I was at the other side of the desk. Sometimes people forget that we are all on both sides of the desk sometime or other.

So, if you are the interviewee, I assume that you want the job and have sent in an application. If you are in that position, always remember to ask yourself "Why am I here"? Clearly, for most jobs these days there are more applicants than you can shake a stick at, so you must have something going for you to be asked there in the first place. Hold that thought if nerves start to kick in. You are there because you bring with you something they want and if you present it properly, then you are well on the way. Getting to interview is not everything but it is an achievement so take that thought with you.


Principles of preparation are simple but many forget their importance.

It is vital to check your own application. You would be surprised at how many do not.

Also, do your homework!  Find out about the place you have applied to and what it does, how it operates and functions, who are the top people there? These questions when answered can be a great asset and may, properly used show the interviewer that you are a diligent and serious applicant. Appear serious and be treated seriously obtains as does the converse.

Always check your appearance fits with the company image and do not under any circumstances arrive late. If disaster holds you up phone before the time of your appointment and ask for their advice. This shows not only politeness but also initiative.


The key here is to appear neither as a bumbling idiot frightened of their own shadow, nor a cocksure know it all. A happy medium is required, for essentially, the interview is more about you as a person and less, in most cases about what you know. Your application has seen that hurdle satisfactorily jumped, the task for you here is to convince the interviewer that you would fit into their corporate jig saw. Now you can get detailed help on specific aspects of your presentation from the link I indicate below which covers the elements required in a way that assists the building of confidence rather than adding to the nervousness you may feel, by hitting you with complicated information that you probably will not need. Applying the sensible techniques can ensure that you approach any and every interview in a properly prepared manner that gives you the basis to sell to others that most important commodity, YOURSELF. Proper presentation and proper preparation using tried and tested techniques will ensure that when you land that sought after job, that luck had nothing to do with it.



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