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Updated on November 20, 2015

Legit ways to make money onine

Academic writing

Do you know what academic writing is? If no, then here is some brief information. Academic writing is a hustle that involves working on educational essays from students coming from the first world countries. These are students who are either lazy or have other commitments such as jobs. Earning academic writing is not something hard since everything is found on the internet. There are many Kenyan blogs which talk of academic writing giving you tips on how to begin and here you can find the jobs.


This is also another way Kenyans can make money online. I am sure you must have heard the word blogger or blogging for long. In my view, this is probably the easiest way to make money however; this needs patience as you begin. In some cases, you may end up writing blog posts for a whole year without earning anything. A blog may earn money through many ways such as, affiliates, advertising, membership, sponsored posts and selling of products. There are also many bogs in Kenya that contain information on how you will start your blogging.

Content writing

Content writing is not very common in Kenya since it does not pay that much. This involves writing blog and web contents for customers even in Kenya itself. However, to me content writing is the most interesting thing to do. This method of making money online is very simple as long as you have a good command of grammar. However to find a well-paying site is not easy and in case you find one, getting an account is not easy.

Content affiliate sharing

Do you have ideas and interesting articles and ideas to share but you lack a platform? Well, all is not lost. There are several websites and bogs that are willing to give you the platform. These websites have a steady flow of traffic and authority. The websites give you the platform to make money with your work however; you share your revenue with them. Such sites include Hubpages. To me Hubpages is probably the best since securing and AdSense account with them is easy and comes with many other advantages.


This is also one of the common online jobs. This is a good method especially for someone starting to make money online. It pays well considering the effort you put into it. This kind of job involves the converting of audio files manually into text files. It pays well since for one audio hour file you are paid around $25-$50 depending on the company you work for. This is not as simple as described however. It can take at least 8 hours to transcribe one audio hour for a starter. The good thing with transcription is that securing a transcription account is easy unlike academic writing.

Affiliate marketing

This is a method that has been there from long time ago. According to freelancers, it is the most paying online job. This is where you convince people online to buy goods or services from a company. For each product you manage to sell earns you some commission. There are a lot of platforms to use for affiliate marketing however the common ones include; Facebook, mailing list, websites and blogs.

Flipping websites

This is another method of making money online however; it is not a common method. This involves purchasing of websites at a smaller price then improving them. Later you will sell the websites at a good price. However, these methods require a lot of patience. There are many websites that are known for such businesses such as Flippa and Websitebroker.

Website design

This is an opportunity for web designers. You help people develop their websites in Kenya through online forums. However for this, you need to be smart enough to convince clients to give you the jobs.


This is a very interesting way to make money online. If you are good at making videos, this is meant for you. You make money here by monetizing your YouTube channel. The number of views determines your earnings in this case.

Other online money making options

There are other options of making money online in Kenya. However most of these do not pay much or require too much effort. These include

i. Forex trading. This is a good way to make money online but not good for beginners. You can make as much money through this at the same time you can lose a lot of money.

ii. Trading Bitcoins. I have not heard much about bitcoins and you should do your research first before getting into this.

iii. PTC sites. These are paid to click websites where you are paid to view ads. To me, this does not really work. I tried PTC sometime back and it did not show good returns at all.

Before you begin your journey of making online money, it is good that you do thorough research to make sure you are not wasting time with scam practices that will end up disappointing you.

Some will even go to the extent of tricking you of becoming a millionaire in one day. There is however hope that you can make a lot of money online through ways that are known to many. The art of making money through these methods is not common since payment from these platforms may take long. For example Payoneer and PayPal take long for you to receive your currency in Kenya shillings since you get paid in foreign currencies.



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