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Management and Organization plan

Updated on May 27, 2016

1.0 Organizational Structure

For the success of any business, there should exist good management which can support the daily undertakings and operations of the business. Organization for it to operate effectively, it should put in place a good organizational structure which will make it easier for communication and delegation of duties to enhance smooth running of the organization. To enhance good organizational structure it is very important to indentify the major duties which are involved during the running of the organization and therefore come up with the structure which fits will the organizational daily undertakings. Company name beauty centre intents to have the structure as indicated below.


Figure 1.1 Organizational Structure

Source: Author (2014)

1.2 Recruitment

The staff will be recruited competitively from the market place and go through interviews to ensure they have the required skills, education qualifications and experience and above all discipline to match their job requirements. The business will have a high value for human capital because it is the greatest investment for any organization which aspires to grow and be a market leader in their Beauty Shop.

1.2.1 Proprietor

Qualifications, experience and skills

Degree holder in related field of commerce or economics, 5 years experience in senior position in service industry and Knowledge of market environment and trends.

Roles and Duties

To lead the organization in the right direction, to be part of the board of director and guide it in executing its mandate and to build beauty shop contacts and networks.

1.2.2 Marketing/Sales officers

Qualifications, experience and skills

Diploma in marketing, 10 years experience in marketing field and Knowledge of marketing dynamics and trends.

Roles and duties

To head and lead marketing team, to ensure business generate enough revenue to run business and expand its market to advice board on marketing strategies and tactics to keep business growing.

1.2.1 Marketing/Sales assistant

Qualifications, Experience and Skills

Certificate in sales and marketing or business administration, 5 years experience at a middle level management in a busy organization and Outgoing, a go getter and passion for customers’ satisfaction.

Roles and duties

To lead and manage sales executive team, to ensures sales targets are consistently achieved and to look for new customers.

1.2.4 Accountant/administration officers

Qualifications, experience and Skills

Certified public accountant of Kenya and a related degree, additional a diploma in human resources, five years experience as an accountant with administrative responsibilities and Keen to details and reconciliations.

Roles and Duties

To head finance, administration and human resources, in-charge of all payment and receipts, in charge of payroll and in charge of administration and subordinate staff.

3.2.5 Marketing/sales executive

Diploma in sales and marketing, four years experience in sales and marketing in a busy organization, aggressive in marketing and selling and desire for achieving sales targets.

Roles and Duties

To market and sell in designated geographical territory assigned. To attend to customers enquiries and do customer care and to ensure consistent achievement of sales targets.

1.2.6 Other Personnel

Drivers/Security and other casuals

Qualifications, experience and skills

They will have at least 5 years relevant experience in their areas of specialization or familiarity. College level of education with relevant knowledge to business sector. They will all report to the accountant/administration manager and disciplined, hard working and diligent.

Roles and Duties

To take care of customer demands by ensuring all customers’ desires are promptly and timely delivered, to be in charge of the fleet management by maximizing fleet utilization and minimizing their operational costs, efficient and safely handling of customers services. Ensure security within the business and General cleanliness, organized and quality meals within the organization.

1.1 Training

The training need of the employees will be indentified through the services they will be offering. In this regard the quality of service one delivers to the client determines his or her need for training. In this regard those who are noted to deliver poor services are the ones who need more training to improve on their services. The business management upon the realization of the training need will provide the employee or the staff with on and off job training in order to enable him to acquire adequate skills needed for the job assigned to him or her.

1.4 Promotion

The staff will be promoted based on the achievement of the organizational goals. In this regard the achievement will be based on the set targets to an employee. The targets will be made on different categories whereby upon achievement of a given target the promotion to different positions will be granted to a given employee without discrimination to either the gender but based on the best qualified staff or employee with relevant skill or experience in a given field.

1.5 Remuneration and Incentives

The non sales staff will be paid competitive salaries and bonuses at the end of year. Their salaries will be reviewed on yearly basis after individual staff appraisal in order to motivate staff by compensating their efforts and achievements. The sales staff will have a basic salary and sales commission based on targets given to them. The organization will endeavor to retain the best talents in the work force by motivating them all the time to surpass their targets.

Table 1.1 Salary pay schedule for the first financial year October 2014 to September 2015


Basic Salary

Transport Allowance

House allowance

Gross Pay







Net Pay










Marketing officers









Marketing officers









Support staffs/ Sales Executives


















Source: Author (2014)

3.6 Legal Requirement

The business has to pay for beauty shop trading license at ksh.20, 000 to Nairobi city council which is renewed every year. The business paid mandatory operating fess to communication commission of Kenya of ksh.15, 000 which is renewable annually due to advertisement. The business has to health hygiene certificate from the ministry of health which is charged 5, 000/= since the business is dealing with products which are in connection to human health.

1.7 Support Services

1.7.1 Banking Services

The banking services will be provided by Equity bank located along Spine Road, Kayole, and Nairobi City. This is because the bank has branches all over Nairobi and around the country which will make it easier for organizational clients who have taken good on credit to make their payments in time

1.7.2 Auditors

Auditors for business will be Ndettei and associates located in City Hall, Taifa street Nairobi city. This business will be used because the business has been in operation for several years and has experienced workers who will be able to deliver the service effectively and advice the business on matters related to finance.

1.7.1 Legal Services

Legal services will be provided by Eric Mutua Advocates located at Cagen house, at Moi Avenue Nairobi city. The use of the Eric Mutua Advocates will be of advantage to the business since they have best knowledge on matters related to legal matters as it has been noted from friends who have been dealing with them previously on business legal matters.

1.7.4 Insurance Services

The insurance services will be provided by CIC Insurance Company which has its offices at Upper Hill in Nairobi. The company will ensure the business and the assets within it do not suffer any damage and incase of any damage, it will be compensated effectively.

Table 1.1 Estimated Expenses for Support Services





Opening Amount





Annual Payments





Source: Author (2014)

1.8 Organizational Culture

The culture that the organization will embrace includes: No smoking within the institution, time management within the institution, for example reporting to work at 6:10am and leaving the institution at 8:10pm as agreed, observing dressing code and maintaining clean environment for all members.


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