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Updated on December 14, 2012
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author


The many ways you can let your customers know and gain their interest your product is “marketing.” It involves the whole process whereby the information marketers create, distribute, advertise and promote your e-books in order to reach as many potential readers as possible.

For one to profit in any setting you need to become a student and a detective of markets. You need to be able to understand the mindsets of the group of people that make up your market. It mean an appreciation of their problems, desire, want or need; with the ability to create or find solutions to their aspirations and then promote yourself and your products in such a way as to gain instant attention from those people who want you sell. This is the bottom line of marketing – “find out what they need and give it to them.” It has to be a “… really, really, hungry market.”

Marketing is the important because it is the whole process of taking your product or service to the market. You need to make decision about:

• What you are going to charge

• Who you are going to sell to

• How you are going to reach them

• What method of payment you will use

Why marketing

You have created your information product; but how will your customers or prospects know about the product or service. For this to happen you need to market the product so that they become aware of the value and benefits the product will deliver for them. Marketing is the subject that brings these benefits to the customer. At the heart of marketing is the creation of the desire in the mind of your customers to respond to your product or service . This is response marketing. In order to profit from your innovation and therefore create the desire to buy into your product you need to use the following techniques

Advertising and Promotion

These are wide range set of methods you can use to inform potential customers and readers why they should want your information product, where they can find it and how they can obtain it. You need to pay attention to these key words, potential customers, and location of the products and how to access them. In other words you have to create the desire for your product in the mind of the customers, lead them to where they will find it and how they will obtain it. This aspect of using advertising and promotion is very important because if you do not do it no body will know about your innovation. The following methods are helpful.

Free Submissions

You can submit the information about your web site in Web Sites that can help cascade your web site information to multiple search engines. Many of these sites are available in the internet, but you have t check their authenticity and validity. Some of the ones you can use are:

Submit express ( offers free submission to more than forty of the largest search engines, including Google, Excite, Lycos, and Yahoo etc.

Develop your own mailing list – “Opt-in” mailing list

You can send information all around the web about your web site and use the “opt in” device in your site to track list of subscribers. For example you can ask them to opt in to include their names and email for the gift of a freebie – say eBook. These the individuals that subscribe become your potential customers.

Banner Ads

There are lots of companies dedicated to providing this service in the web. Banner Ads are simply banner that will make you service to be visible t your customers to dedicated or targeted customers. Google ad words are a good example. You need to pay some money for this service. There could be other free services in the web and you could find if their terms and conditions are suitable for you


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