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MEDIA.NET: Everything is Here to make an Impact

Updated on September 6, 2016
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Felishiya started writing at the age of 10. Since then, she has produced various articles in English and Spanish and few in French as well. Website HomePage Official Website Official Website

About the site

Alike Google AdSense, is a globally renowned advertising company. It is founded by Divyank Turakhia and Namit Merchant and Vaibhav Arya are its respective COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

It is globally headquartered in Dubai, while its United States' headquarter is in New York.

It is among the largest ad technology companies and ranked at 2 for contextual advertising business on the basis of its revenue. is a hub for the advertising and traffic monetization solutions to the different clients across the world. It is also considered as the best alternative for Google AdSense.

Though, the platform has become a base for delivering high quality contextual ads and earning huge revenue, yet it does not have plenty of success stories. The reason is discussed later in the article.

First, let's know what made so famous and how it actually works.

Founder and CEO, Divyank Turakhia

Divyank Turakhia, Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of, sold the company to a Chinese firm named Miteno in the year 2016 for $900 million
Divyank Turakhia, Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of, sold the company to a Chinese firm named Miteno in the year 2016 for $900 million | Source

Reasons for the Popularity of

  • It generates high quality ads using superior technologies.
  • It is easy to use and integration is also a piece of cake.
  • It provides solutions with low latency and at a very high speed.
  • It is highly optimized to generate good traffic.
  • It enhances user experience with its visual qualities.
  • It protects data and client's trust in every way possible.
  • There has never been any occasion when the site is being reported with low quality visuals.
  • It has extremely low rate of error and failure.
  • It handles information using big data and also has the capability of real-time reporting.
  • The ads, generated by the site, are available in every possible sizes to fit each device resolution.


Features of
Features of | Source

How it Works? works along with Yahoo! Bing Network to deliver contextual ads program that helps the publishers to earn advertising revenue easily and and Yahoo play their own specific roles to generate huge revenue.

  • manages operations and technology related to the web publishers.
  • Yahoo! manages all the operations and business processing related to advertisers. It also keeps a check on network operations and maintains the performance of the publishers' websites by generating traffic of high quality.


Prominent Publishers of
Prominent Publishers of | Source

How to receive Approval for your Website?


Do's has some strict rules, which a publisher must fulfill before applying:

  • The website must have high quality content.
  • There should be substantial traffic on the website before applying.
  • The traffic must have the majority of views from prominent countries, United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
  • The website should not contain any other language except English as primary.
  • The content written in high English standards will increase the chances of approval.
  • The excessive advertising on the site is prohibited.
  • demands you to update your content regularly as per the requirement and there should be no infringement of intellectual property rights.

If your site obeys the above-mentioned rules, then it has more than 90% chances of getting approved. takes no more than 5 days to approve your application.

The ads, generated by Yahoo! Bing network, are allowed to be displayed along with the ads from other providers.

We have ensured every possibility that our ads are optimized not only for Desktop use, but also for the use of mobile devices such as, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and so on ...

— Yahoo! &


Here are some points that can lead to the rejection of your application. So, beware that your site does not fall under any of the following points:

  • Sites must not include pirated softwares and illegal content.
  • Free hosted websites are not allowed.
  • The site, with few pages underdevelopment, will not be accepted.
  • If a site, which is under approval process, redirects to another site, which is not approved by, then the application will be straight away rejected.

For more detailed information, you can check out the Program Guidelines on the official site of Also, do not forget to go through its Terms of Service.

When your first application is accepted by and you wish to submit more sites for approval, then it will not take so much time as the first one. It will require no more than two days.

Check out the video that shows you the starting steps for getting your application approved by and will surely help you to utilize the site in a much more effective manner...

Google AdSense v/s is said to be the most preferable alternative of Google AdSense as it do serve some major advantages over Google AdSense, but there is also some points in which still lags behind.


Both the platforms generate revenue via advertising and share almost similar policies for approving the users' applications. They also follow similar payment process, highly based on RPM (Page revenue per thousand impressions).

On the other hand, they have some major differences between them that also make them unique in their own way. Here are some of its common and noteworthy differences:

Google AdSense
The company demands the site to be in pure English.
The company has certain list of accepted languages and does not impose the need of only English.
It does not accept the application until it (site) is already receiving good quality of traffic.
It does not put emphasis on the need of huge traffic, while processing the application for approval.
It strictly demands the majority of traffic from either of the three countries; United States, Canada and United Kingdom
It does not have any such strict rule about traffic incoming.
It stops delivering ads, if the traffic on the site reduces exponentially.
It does not have any such policy.
The generated ads are always of superior quality.
The ads are not filtered on the basis of their visual quality, but on their content quality.
Differences between and Google AdSense

Check out the video below to understand the earning technique using in a better way ...

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