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Helping Hands

Updated on July 3, 2009

Fellow Network Marketer, Take My Hand

I believe that there are many of you who are on the brink on quitting.  You constantly hear the statistics – only 3% of online network marketers succeed – and you tell yourself, I want to be in that 3%.  You work, you sweat, you advertise, you call people, buy leads, organize parties, post ads, spend, spend and spend some more and yet you do not seem to be getting anywhere.  What started out as a dream full with promises of wealth and great success, is slowly becoming a nightmare.  You may be at the point where you tell yourself: “This is just not for me.  I refuse to waste anymore time and money on this thing.”

I understand.  In August 2007, I was introduced to what I considered a grand opportunity – owning an online travel center to which I can refer friends, relatives and others to book any kind of travel.  The fact that I love to travel made it an ideal opportunity.  I resolved then that I would work this business and not quit.

In addition to the online travel center, the opportunity offers a twin sister – showing others how they can own an online travel center.  I was excited about the combo opportunities and set out to tell others about my great discoveries.

For the first few months I shared both opportunities with several people and realized that although some people were interested in the idea of owning a travel store, they were apprehensive of the cost ($450 down and $50/mth for website & registration maintenance).  I discovered, however, that there were people who would book travel.  It was easier to ask someone to check my sites for travel rates than to invest in an online travel store.

From August to December 2007, I earned less than $20 in travel commissions and my loss for the year was huge.  In 2008, I earned under $200 and although my loss was big, it was smaller that the previous year.  This year, 2009, I am set to break even.  I will not make a profit, but I will not suffer a loss.  By 2010, I hope to make a profit.  It has been a long road, but I learned along the way, that when you believe in something, you must be willing to stick with it.  Success will eventually come.

Over the last two years I searched the web for ideas to build my business.  During my search I came upon 100’s of offers.  There was one thing that stood out in all those offers:  everyone had discovered the secret to making 1,000s of dollars online and they were willing to share the secret with me – for a price.  I had one question:  If you are making tons of money every month, why do you want to charge me so much to learn how to do the same?  The fact is their appeal was always to struggling network marketers, so they knew I had already spent a lot trying to learn “the secret.”  Why then were they charging me so much?

The fact is, there are many offers out there – some are legitimate and most are not.  For those who are genuine and are really making “a lot of money”, I have one simple suggestion:  Offer your “guaranteed plan to success” at a reduced price, and also as a “pay as you see” product.  Sweeten the deal by asking your prospects to pay a portion down, and if they are making money in an agreed upon amount of time, they pay the balance.  If, however, they do not make any money with your “guaranteed plan to success” in an agreed upon amount of time, you forfeit the balance.  If your plan is as you say it is, you have nothing to lose.  How about that?

My fellow network marketers, find your passion in a product and stick with it.  While doing so, be careful which offers to help you accept.  If something sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is not true.

Many marketers struggle because of some lies that their upline has told them.  Here is a free ebook that underlines 7 common lies told in network marketing and gives you steps to avoid common mistakes.  Click here to get yours and share it with a fellow network marketer.  By the way, this ebook is FREE, but by submitting your email address, my company will send you other offers, some at a price.  Look out and choose wisely.  You are never obligated to buy anything.

Happy network marketing!


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