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Magento eCommerce for your online business

Updated on August 13, 2013

Magento is a company that offers very flexible eCommerce solutions which are designed to help your business grow in today's online ecommerce world. The platform Magento gives business owners many design options and has been chosen by over 150,000 businesses and includes some of the world's biggest brands. Magento is a scalable, cost-effective platform, which is built on technology that is open source, thereby allowing businesses of any size, from small to large, to customise their online stores, from functionality to content, feel and look.

Magento offers businesses many resources, including training for Magento customization, education, and developer certification, to obtain the very best from a deployment. They enjoy a world-wide community of developers and partners who will give your business access to professional assistance with integration and extensions.

Some of the key features that Magento eCommerce can offer your business are search engine optimisation, use across multiple online stores, a persistent shopping cart, categorisation of products, customer targeting, and many more, including mobile commerce allowing your customers to make purchases from their mobile devices. Magento will also integrate with your merchandising and accounting software. Probably one of its most unique and valuable features is the ability to track return customers who purchase, customers who visit but do not purchase, thereby allowing you to see what type of customer to target and what products are selling.

One of Magento's products, their Enterprise Edition is a complete eCommerce solution for your business that allows you to bring more traffic to your store, gives you almost endless flexibility, and all at a much lower cost than competitors. Thousands of businesses known throughout the world are using the Enterprise Edition to increase traffic volume. Being scalable, Magento will allow you to have high volumes of traffic, display your products and combines a toolset to allow your business to grow.

Your business can expand internationally as Magento Enterprise Edition allows for other currencies and languages, giving your online store or stores an edge over others as it allows for stores in other countries as well as your own. The eCommerce platform Magento provides has around twenty five percent of the market share, making it an incredibly sensible choice for your online store or business. With their partnership with companies such as Infinity, you will have the assistance of developers who can aid you with third party add-ons to expand your business rapidly as it grows.

Being open source, you can use Magento eCommerce rather than building a platform from scratch, allowing you flexibility and rapid growth in the online marketplace.

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