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Magic Formula for Making Money Online.

Updated on March 23, 2014

While many people go on the Internet to look for information, be entertained, educate themselves, find solutions to problems, etc, there are lots of other people whose sole purpose of going online is to make of money; buckets loads of money - quickly and very easily.

It is not a bad idea to want to make money online, so long as it is legitimate. There is money to be made online and there is enough to go around, in fact online marketing is one of the few sectors of the economy which is bucking the trend of the current economic recession.

In fact Forrester Research predicts that Online Advertising in the US alone will soon reach $55 Billion! You can get your own share of that $55 billion.

One unfortunate thing about this craze is that majority of would-be online marketers go about it the wrong way or simply do not have a clear idea of how to go about making money online.

Because 97% of people try and fail, there is a myth that it is impossible to make money online, this article aims to dispel that myth.

Is there really a Magic Formula for making online?

When it comes to making money online most people are looking for a magic formula, that silver bullet which will make them 5, 6, even 7 figure sums on-line very fast. Some others are more realistic, and just want to supplement their income or to make enough so as to quit their day job.

But is there really a magic formula for making money online?

Simple answer: Yes there is secret formula for making money online!

What is this magic formula then? The magic formula is:

Targeted Traffic + Conversion Piece = Profit$ (Money)!

As simple as this formula appears, this is the one and only bulletproof, simple, yet deadly strategy for making money online consistently and in any niche!

Targeted traffic.

By targeted traffic, I mean people looking for specific information or a solution to a common problem. Targeted traffic might also be referred to as a niche market.

So how can you get this targeted traffic? There are only three ways to get targeted traffic:

  • Buy it,
  • Borrow it or
  • Build it.

You can buy targeted traffic by using banner ads, Pay per thousand impressions (PPM), Pay Per Click (PPC) with specific keyword phrases - these are the exact keywords or phrases people type into the search engine when they are looking for some specific information.

Examples PPC services include:

  • Google Adwords,
  • Yahoo search marketing,
  • MSN adCentre.

Borrowing targeted traffic would be something like getting affiliates to market your products for you, and finally

Building targeted traffic refers to doing things like blogging, web 2.0 and article marketing e.g. using,, etc to publish unique articles, whose content is relevant to the searchers’ query they type into search engines each time.

Conversion Piece

Once you have got traffic, then next thing you do is to drive it to a conversion piece.

A conversion piece could be anything on the Internet, say a webpage, an offer- which persuades people to take an action and that action is usually something that will make you money immediately or at a later stage.

Ways by which you make money:

  • It could be that they buy something from you and you make money, 
  • They could purchase an item through your affiliate link and you make money indirectly,
  • Visitors to your web page click a link where someone is paying you like Google AdSense and you would make money or,
  • They could join your mailing list and you would send them emails with the aim of selling to them in the future.

The Money Making Process

Now that you know about the magic formula for making money online, how should you go about, building a successful online business?

My recommendation is that you should dedicate some time and resources and learn the fundamentals of making money online.

If you rush into it without being prepared, believe me or not, you will soon become a statistic - one of 97% who have tried to make money online and failed!

How to learn more about this Secret Formula

Since 1994, there is somebody who has been teaching this secret formula to both new and experienced Internet marketers. It is very very difficult today to see anybody who is succeeding online today without having been to his seminars.

Start from there. That's what I did. That's what everyone has to do. If you've got a computer and an Internet connection and the willingness to learn and the courage to try, you can and will succeed.

If you don’t make it to the System Seminar this year, apply the lessons on the free teleseminars and next year you’ll be ready to come.


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