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Making Money Online Is All About Building A Mailing List

Updated on June 10, 2012

Every Business Needs A Mailing List

No matter what you do to make money online the most essential elements that are vital to your success is your customer base and mailing list. Without them there is no way you can make serious money online. Think about it, to be successful you need customers to purchase your products or service, to read your hubs/articles and click adsense adverts. For example, if you do not have a prospect reading your hubs and clicking on the monetizing links you are not going to make any money, are you?

How to Make Money From a Ready Market of Purchasers

What this means is that you should focus your online business on getting people to subscribe to your mailing list. Through this subscription you will be able to build a list of people who are interested in a particular genre, category, product or service. Let’s take category of weight loss for instance; when you build your list of weight loss conscious people you will be able to email them at any given time with offers on new weight loss products or the latest weight loss news, and because they already have an interest in weight loss they will be more likely to purchase. There it is, you have a ready made buying market.

But how can I build a list and make money, I hear you ask? It’s simple really, all you have to do is create a convincing squeeze page or website that entices people to sign up, and then use the list of subscribers as a marketing tool to sell your product.

Next, I detail the various steps to building a mailing list and make money.

1. Find A Niche Market

The first step to building an email list that will make money is to find a market. For those of you who are hubbers this should not be difficult as you can easily develop an email list based on a topic that has brought you success on Hubpages. However, if you are not a hubber you will have to do some research into what topics are trending and what people are searching for, or you could set-up a website with subscription on a topic you are familiar with.

Here is a list of popular topics you can research:

  • Travel
  • Astrology
  • Education
  • Food and Drink
  • Health & Wellness
  • Entertainment
  • How to Make Money

All markets have a need and it is your responsibility to find out what those needs are and cater towards them.

2. Create a Squeeze Page or Website

The next step is to create a squeeze page or website that contains all the information relating to the product, service or information you intend to market and mail to your subscribers. I find that a squeeze page works best for capturing subscribers. With a squeeze page you are giving your audience just enough information to get them interested to know more. When they subscribe they will get the full low down on the offer.

There are many domain companies from whom you can purchase a url with website creating tools. But if you are not familiar with website building you can always hire experts to do it for you.

Here is a list of Domain Companies from whom you can purchase your url/domain and website.

  • Go

List of Freelancers for hire. These companies have experts who can design your squeeze page or website for a small fee:


3. Make an Offer Your Subscribers Cannot Refuse

Once you have decided on the market you are going to build an email list for you will have to consider how you are going to attract subscribers. This is when you will place an offer also known as a lead magnet on the website or squeeze page you are marketing to encourage people to subscribe. It is important that your offer is targeted to your market; for example, ‘Sign up Free Today for the 7 Days Weight Loss Trial’

4. Create A Message For Your Subscribers

At this stage you should create a message to put on your website or squeeze page that will spur on your subscribers to action. There is a formula you can use in order to attract subscribers.

Your message must:

  • Grab Attention – Write a great headline that gets attention.
  • Create Interest – Tell a story or something interesting
  • Create Desire – Paint a picture in their head of the solution you are offering
  • Create Urgency – Ensure that there is some urgency as to why they need to act now

5. Create An Autoresponder series

After you have created your squeeze page, website and subscription message to attract potential subscribers the next big step is to create an autoresponder sequence, which is designed to keep up the momentum of the original offer made, add value i.e. give an additional product to the original package and make you money.

Your first few autoresponder messages should pay attention to giving value before marketing any promotions. The messages should give people sufficient free information to justify them investing any money with you. This is important as it will help to make you trustworthy in the eyes of the subscribers as well as showing them that you are not some fly by night scammer out only to take their money.

There is one warning when creating your autoresponder messages, and that it do not offer too many freebies, as this attracts only freebie seekers and not people who will make you any money.

6. Create a Landing Page

With your email list building system set up, which includes a chosen market, a squeeze page or website, a special offer and an autoresponder series, the next step is how to hold your subscribers attention and get them onto your email list. To do this you should set up a landing page.

The subscription box on your squeeze page or website is all well and good for the initial introduction but you should have a landing page to improve your probabilities of people subscribing to your email list.

Once again, in order to keep up momentum you should ensure that your landing page is outstanding and keeps the prospective subscriber interested. If you are not in a position to create a landing page you could always hire a professional designer to design your landing page.

Refer to the list of freelancers above under No.2.

If you are designing the landing page yourself or hiring a professional you should ensure that it has the following qualities:

A great headline that attracts the attention of the reader and informs them why they should subscribe to your list

  • A list of bullet points that informs the subscriber of the benefits they will receive when they subscribe to your newsletter
  • A brilliant offer or lead magnet that attracts the reader. It must be so good that they cannot refuse signing up
  • A definite call to action

7. Market Your Landing Page

This speaks for itself. But if after understanding your market, making the right offer and setting up the best autoresponder series you do not market your landing page effectively you will not make any money.

There are many ways to market your landing page and here are 3 types.

Article Marketing: Is an effective method to generate traffic to your squeeze page or website. It may not bring in instant results but if written properly, optimized and marketed via article directories, search engines, forums, social networking, solo ads, pinging etc, and have a link to your squeeze page or website it will be beneficial in the long term.

Email Marketing and Solo Ads: This type of marketing used to seen as a waste of time but I have found it to be the opposite provided you choose the right companies to market on and consistently use the systems. By using the free service on some of these email marketing sites you can get between 1,000 and 2,000 clicks, but the real money is in the upgraded accounts where sending ads cost between 20 and 50 cents.

Here is a list of Email Marketing sites:

  • Viral
  • ListBuilding

Google Pay Per Click (PPC): Is the fastest way to get your squeeze page or website at the top of the Google search pages (not the organic searches). However, it is important to know your numbers and monitor your PPC campaigns to make sure you are getting a good ROI (return on investment). In order to keep costs down, you should make sure that your landing page is relevant to the keywords you a bidding on.

Other types of marketing you could consider are:

  • Posting on classifieds
  • Tweeting on Twitter
  • Posting on Facebook
  • Using signature in resource boxes on Forums
  • Offline Marketing

Drive traffic to your website with Instant Traffic Systems

Let An Email Listing Company Build a List for You

In the event that you are not Internet savvy and do not know how to create a website or build a list there are many email listing companies that can teach you how to do it.

Everything that I have written about in this hub I learned from an excellent mailing list company called Dot.ComXSuccess. They taught me step by step how to create and market an emailing list. Although I know how to design a website I didn’t have to because the program provides readymade squeeze pages, websites, marketing tools and joint ventures with bonuses with 21 of the top email marketing companies.

They attracted my attention by putting their money where their mouth is and instead of charging $97 or $197 they offered to train me for $1 until I started making enough money to upgrade. There was a $1 admin charge for 30 days training from one of the best trainers in the industry who has a joint venture with the likes of Sir Richard Branson. The challenge was to make $1,000 in 30 days through email marketing and I’m glad to say that I successfully met the challenge.

If you want to start making real money online you should consider Dot.comXSuccess. For only $1, which incidentally goes to charity, you do not have anything to lose

What Action Have You Taken To Start Making Money Today?

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