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Momentum: How To Maintain Your Motivation

Updated on July 23, 2014

Now that you've been motivated, how do you keep it going? Motivation is much like a flame or fire. In order for it to continue burn, it needs that source of oxygen to keep it alive. How can you keep your fire burning?

Create a Vision Board - Place pictures of your goals and the things that motivate you on a board where you can view it often. It should be like your map. Keep referring to it often so you don't lose your way.

Example of a vision board
Example of a vision board | Source

Hang around others that are motivated. Motivation is contagious. Hanging around others who are energized may help you to get your mojo back.

Get others excited about your vision or dream. Let your motivation spill over to someone else.

If you keep reaching your goal, set an even bigger one! This will require you to have even bigger motivation. Once you reach the mountain top, find an even bigger mountain to climb.

Think about how you will feel when you achieve your goal. Speak to yourself in the present tense. "I feel _____ now that I have _______ ." Keep repeating this to your self daily. Let yourself experience that feeling. When you feel yourself going down, go back to that feeling.

Picture yourself succeeding in the "moment" or situation:

If you are basketball player, envision yourself hitting the game winning free throw or shot.

Imagine the football splitting the uprights if you are a kicker.

Salesman, picture yourself walking out of the board room closing the "deal." Think of yourself accepting the "Salesman of the Year" award for your company as you break the yearly sales record.

Musicians, think about how it will feel as you are signing the contract for your record deal.

Think of the joy a family will feel as they close the sale to their first home! A separate room for each of the kids. A back yard for them to play in.

For the person coming back to the workforce after a lengthy absence, or the green graduate who is looking to land their first career job, or the worker who has been out of work due to lay-offs, how exhilarating will it feel when the words "Congratulations, welcome to our company?"

In closing, these are just a few ways to keep the wheel of motivation rolling. What techniques do you use to keep your's moving?


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