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Make 100 Concrete Blocks Per Hour

Updated on March 14, 2011

Making Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are a basic commodity of the building trades.They are used to build everything from small backyard concrete block barbeques and compost boxes to large buildings .Garages,houses,commercial buildings and just about any other type of building you can think of are built using cement blocks.

The concrete block is in fact one of the most used materials in the building industry. Cement blocks can be made on a small scale by hand. This is a good idea for the home owner who needs just a small supply of cinder blocks to build a home project. With a few molds you can quite easily make enough blocks to build a garage ,given time.

Foundations for many homes are built using concrete blocks as an alternative to poured concrete. They work very well for this purpose.

Hand molds for making cement blocks are easily made from plywood and sheet metal.The number of molds you need to make would depend largely on how many cinder blocks you require. Obviously the more molds you have, the faster you can make a larger quantity of concrete blocks. If you just want to build a compost box you can do it with just one mold. If you want to build a garage it would be better to have at least a dozen or so molds.

To make the blocks you simply mix the concrete and pour it into the mold. Let it set for a short time then turn out your cement block to dry.

Concrete for making the blocks can be mixed by hand on a concrete floor or on a sheet of plywood. Don't do it on dirt or the blocks may be weakened by contamination or by water loss. Portland cement,gravel,sand and water are the components. You mix them in the correct proportions to make strong blocks.

If you are making a larger quantity of cinder blocks it would be better to use a cement mixer and pour the mixed concrete right into the mold. If you are doing this on a commercial basis a good cement mixer with large capacity is a great help.

If you want to make blocks on a very large scale you will need a concrete block making machine. You can buy these although they are quite expensive. The alternative is to make your own concrete blocks machine. This is not hard to do using easily available plans and instructions which show you how.

For a lot more free information check out this website:

Making Concrete Blocks


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