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How To Make Dividends for Life

Updated on July 23, 2012

Dividends for Life

Having gone through alot of investment courses in the past year, I have been learning about a variety of a sons why people invest money. The reason I wish to write about today is dividends. However, I will not be telling you how to invest in stocks to get dividends. Rather, I will be writing about how to get dividends on something with no money invested.

Before starting, there are a few assumptions that we all should agree on. One, the Internet is eternal. Now, that is a big statement considering most people believed a company like Enron was eternal. However, the Internet is not going anywhere fast, so let's just agree that it will be around for your lifetime.

Secondly, if you owned 100 shares of IBM stock, you would receive a dividend every quarter in and around $.65 per share which would amount to about $22 per month in dividends. Most people I speak to would be happy for that. If you were to invest in IBM, it would cost $11,800 and of course, you could end up losing it all depending on the price of the stock. I believe we can agree on both items.

What if there was a way to receive dividends on IBM and not have to own the stock? Don't get too nervous. This is not an investment pitch. This is actually a way to earn perpetual money without owning an asset. You see, I have spent the last 30 years trying to help people make money. I have been able to help thousands of people save money on their taxes through my tax reduction programs, but have had only minor successes in income generation. Until now. I am devoting a majority of my time now on the income generation process. Since finding HUB pages, I have had a great outlet to write and get my ideas into the marketplace. I have had a few people join HUB pages and both write and make money. However, the majority of people are not writers, but want to make money. Therefore, I have found a way to have people make money and not have to write one single sentence. Best of all, it takes little time and the income is like receiving dividends without owning stock.

You see, I write articles that people can get value from. You know people that I do not know. I post my article on Facebook and I get people immediately reading the article. On the article, there are ads. When people read the article, some click on an ad, and I get paid. I get paid anywhere from one penny to $4.02 (that is the highest so far). When you sign up as an affiliate, you can post my articles on all of your social networking sites (everyone has more than one!) and you can get paid. That would take about a minute of your time and you can receive money when people you know click on an ad.

What is interesting to me is the eternal nature of this activity. I wrote an article on 7/21/2010 and it is still getting reads on it a year later and I have not promoted that article since I wrote it! Each one of my articles has it's own URL, so you can go to my hubs and simply promote each URL and start making money. How simple is that?

You simply follow these steps:

1.) Sign up for HUB pages by clicking the link in the link section below

2.) Get your ad sense account and link it to HUB pages

3.) Create referral trackers in HUB Pages

4.) Find great articles on HUB pages and post them on your web sites and social media pages.

5.) Make money when people click on ads

Now, you are probably saying to yourself, “This seems like a lot of work for little money”. Well, this will certainly not get you rich. However, for a few minutes a day, you can use other people’s assets to make a few dollars and your links are on the internet for a long, long time getting clicks!

Be Happy!

Other Great Resource

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