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Make Guaranteed Adsense Earnings - Today

Updated on July 23, 2011
Photo By: Ian Leverette -- BEFORE PICTURE
Photo By: Ian Leverette -- BEFORE PICTURE
Photo By: Ian Leverette  -- AFTER PICTURE
Photo By: Ian Leverette -- AFTER PICTURE
Photo By: Ian Leverette -- BEFORE PICTURE
Photo By: Ian Leverette -- BEFORE PICTURE
Photo By: Ian Leverette -- AFTER PICTURE
Photo By: Ian Leverette -- AFTER PICTURE

'Money makes the world go round'. You can make a lot of changes with a few extra dollars as shown in these photos. So why are folks complaining that they can't make money with Google and that Adsense is a scam. It's not a scam. It's legit and honest cash that comes in fast, if you know how to kick start it.

I've been self-employed for over thirty years and never really had a big problem when it comes to making a living. The key - provide a service. However - in the case of Adsense -- make money while you sleep.

Article writing requires a title and the more unique that title is, the more Google will like it. There is a way to insure that your title is the only one of its kind in the world. It could be just one word that makes all the difference, but over time, that title will stand out as being unique, yet it pertains to the very same subject matter as millions of competitors. Key words is what you must have, but all this talk is for another day. You want to make cash now with Adsense.

I've been working on a project over the past 5 weeks. It's been a study of how Adsense works and how to guarantee yourself additional pocket money each and every month. By pocket money, I don't mean a few dollars. A few hundred dollars is more like it. Self employment over the past few decades has taught me one thing and that's to never give up on what you believe in. It just so happens that I believe in making money from home. Why in the world would anyone want to get up early day after day, week after week and re-enact the movie "GroundHog Day".

That's not my way of living to the fullest, especially when one is healthy and able to work a computer. That's right! A computer is all you need these days to make a decent income. The businesses I've run over the past decades have basically depended on advertising, like any solid business operation. But why hand out your hard earned money to those wanting to advertise for you -- like newspapers, flyers, business cards, whatever, when you can do it yourself for nothing. The internet arrived around 1992 and I liked it. I liked it so much that I learned how to type fast -- so be it - -two fingers , but I can fly on the keyboard. Money, money, money -- that's what self employment is all about. Entrepreneurs create jobs for those who need work and possess certain skills that are required by the entrepreneur boss. Every person out there that is working for someone like Google, Facebook, Rogers, Bell, Macy's, Playboy, Ford Motor Company or whatever business, is actually working for a person that first started up that business years and years ago. Someone with enough guts, confidence and personal drive had to first think up the idea to begin with and drive it with the talent that comes forth from the masses. This is called the work force that entrepreneurs depend upon -- the people they hire to take over the reigns with designated positions from President on down through the ranks.

Let everyone know that the reason you have a job is credited to one or two people, a long time ago, that had a dream and a spark under their butt.

Google Adsense is such a place where you can sit at home all day and make money by doing absolutely nothing -- well, maybe a few minutes on the computer each day. However, like a lot of things, this requires someone to show you how it's done, and --- by Golly -- that's me!

I currently write articles for HubPages. Much of what I write about is either fact or fiction, like most of you - -O.K.- like all of you. But looking at some forum discussions a while back when first starting out, I found that many people were having a hard time making any worthwhile money at all from their articles. Some were so proud of receiving their first Adsense cheque after one year -- a whole freaking year. That's nuts! How can you earn $100 a year and be proud of that when others are saying they make $15,000 and some $30,000 a year. I had to look into this.

After 33 years of working for myself, I always made money fast, because I had to, or the cupboards would be bare. I can tell you after researching this over the past month, it's pretty damn easy to collect from Adsense. After four weeks of in depth research, I had made $122.00 for the month of June. July is already looking like $300.00 or more after only eleven days. It's not hard at all and I'm going to tell only the motivated ones -- the entrepreneurs, that it's actually very simple but -- and there is a but. The initial stages will be tough. It wasn't that hard for me because I've been on the computer since 1992 with the Internet and it -- was --slowww --really slowww. It's not slow anymore!

There are thousands out there just like me, the average Joe that fools around on the computer. I'm not one for games. To me, it's a waste of time. No money there -- unless you play Poker online and are lucky or just want to spend your time Facebooking and surfing.

The article I wanted to post earlier for the July Hub Contest was disallowed because I was on Eastern Standard time and the ones who organized the event were on Pacific time. I missed qualifying by publishing my article three hours too early and you can say that I was somewhat irate about the whole thing. Yeah--there were rules and I read them. However, very few knew that there were two Rule postings. The second, if I would have found it, like many could not, did tell me the day, with Pacific time. Oh well -- Boo Hoo!

You ask - "Why would I tell you my secret of how to make money with Adsense"? Why Not! It's really no secret at all -- just a little upfront work and then the train runs itself. I've done this kind of thing for thirty years and soon I'll go on to something new again. I thrive on challenge. So why not let you guys make some extra doe as well. My previous article tells about my afterlife experience. Earth is not our home and your body is only a shell for you to exist here. When you have learned and shared your experiences with others, your time will come to move on. It could be an accident, sickness or old age. But you will eventually go home and you will exist. However, that's another story.

I spent $47.00 on an Online course after trying many out. I finally found one that was remarkable and gave me the knowledge and motivation to pursue this thing called Adsense Earnings and affiliate marketing.

Step one: Build yourself a website.

What -- some are saying? I can't do that. Yes you can. For those who don't possess the knowledge, there are many free sites online that will do it for you.
Think up a name and obtain a hosting company that will also be the Registrar of your domain name.
--I told you there would be a little up front work, but for those who can do this, it's a breeze. Hire someone inexpensive if you don't want to do it yourself or get a friend to do it for you.

Look. It's either that or you can wait for a year or two to earn a hundred bucks. You're not going to make big money from your articles right away, if ever, no matter how many you publish. All these people that are boasting about their big earnings writing articles have been writing for years and unless your score is at least in the 90's, Google doesn't think too highly of you anyway. As well, many of these folks aren't just accumulating dollars from their writing skills. There are other tricks to use instead of just articles. I guess the money will eventually trickle in when Google acknowledges that your hubs are there and will begin ranking them. The higher the rank, the more people get to read your literature.

My website is ranked 15 million and something after four weeks but I'm making money from it.

Step two: Set yourself up with an Amazon shop.

It's no different than what you're doing with your articles. You need a product to sell. Choose one from Amazon, a reputable company, and think of a good name for your site, a name that has at least one good keyword in it pertaining to what you're going to sell.
But listen, it's not the Amazon product that will make you money right away. It's Adsense that works. I only made $10 from Amazon in June. The other $122 came from Adsense. I'll make at least $300 from Adsense in July and a fraction from Amazon. But -- you need a website first, a product and good key words. Eventually when Google recognizes your site exists, you'll start to rise in the rankings and you will certainly sell more products. But it's 'now' when you need the money and 'now' comes from Adsense, instantly.

Step three: Build your Backlinks.

I had no idea what this was last month. These backlinks point back to your site from other sites. Join a Link site where you can trade reciprocal links. Hopefully, you'll be able to trade links with websites that have good high rankings with Google. Add the Alexa tool bar to your homepage. It displays the web ranking of every site you go to at the top of its bar. The ranking for Google Canada is #54 and that's what I'm using here in Canada. There are so many ways to build backlinks that point to your site, but there's only so much I can tell you in one article. Backlinks are for down the road if you're in it for the long haul. I've been working on this for five weeks and have narrowed it down to what makes the most money - fast. I know you want money today -- not next year.

Step four: This is most important. Advertise your site.

There are several sites to advertise your product on. The most important if you are in the U.S. and Canada is Craigslist. No one else comes close to the number of hits you'll get from Day 1.
Both Canada and the U.S. have Kijiji which works well in certain areas, those being Ottawa, Calgary and Toronto in Canada. Used Ottawa has many different locations like Used Toronto, Used Vancouver, Used Winnipeg and so on. Britain has 'Gumtree' - the United States has Craigslist.

You will need a Proxy server. What's that? It hides your ass, your I.P address. No one sees you coming.
I cannot give out links as this is not permitted. I did the research and it's up to you to do a little research as well. It's not that hard if you have the time. These points will cut that time in half.

Step Five: Get your very own keyword phrase that nobody else has.

Let's say your website is about Used Cars. Using your free proxy server, type in, for example -- intitle:"used cars for sale" inanchor: "used cars for sale". The search results come back as -- About 1,200 results -- way too much competition for that keyword phrase. Now type in intitle:"used cars for sale today" inanchor: "used cars for sale today".

Your search - intitle:"used cars for sale today" inanchor: "used cars for sale today" - did not match any documents.

You are the only one in the world with that particular Key phrase. Google likes you to be unique. Everybody else has Used Cars or Used Cars for Sale but Nobody has the phrase you typed in as your very own keyword phrase.

Step Six: Watch the money come in.

You are permitted three Google Adsense Ads anywhere on your new website. Keep these ads above the fold. By that, I mean to place your three Google ads somewhere in the top half of your website. You don't care about people reading below the fold. The first thing they'll see are the Google Ads. Put a banner at the top, one half way down the page and a smaller box ad close to the entry point to your Amazon store. On my site, about 10 - 20% or more click on the Google ads and your eyes will light up as you listen to the Ca-Ching! You need tons of traffic. Direct advertising is the key. Craigslist is all important for that direct traffic.
Note: Google frowns on their ads overtaking a web page so place some content in your site, not just ads or your money will be taken from you. Clicking on your Google ads or having friends do it for you is called cheating and you will be banned. Your I.P address lays out your entire history.

Hope this helps you out. I know there are still lots of questions, but these points should help while you go about doing some of your own research just as I did. At least, most of the good stuff is in front of you here -- details perhaps lacking but again, links such as the ones I could provide are not permitted here.

Remember, this is only one website. If you get five websites going, that's five times the cash and a lot more work. But I'm not twenty any more and I'm content to just learn and pass it along.
Good Luck and I'll see you at the Bank tomorrow.


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    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 

      7 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Gee I am trying to take all this in. I don't have a specific thing I would want to put on a website, as I am interested in many things, so I guess that unique search title thing would not work for me, if I could figure it out.

    • yort2325 profile image


      7 years ago

      thanks for the great advice hopefully I can use it it make my hub better.

    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      Thanks Thelma,

      I don't think it would be wise of me to promote my online business on Hubpages. They would ban me for sure as they have a policy about spamming personal online interests.

      Are you able to make a website yourself and have you any interest in doing something like this to begin with.

      I don't mind promoting our own physical business -- but that's entirely a different ball game that requires a lot of work and time to set up.

    • ThelmaC profile image

      Thelma Raker Coffone 

      7 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

      Another great hub. I voted it up and "useful". Would love to see your website. Are you allowed to put a link to it in your profile?

    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      Well, seanorjohn,

      I'll give you a few examples.

      Google, for some reason doesn't like it when you know how to get a Unique Title for a website. For instance, let's say you want to sell Candles. Do you know how many search results come up when you ask Google for "candles for sale" -- 35,800,000 results. My website is at 15,000,000 + -- "how's that for cool"? And it makes money. It will eventually go much higher. It's only been up for a month and Google just said "Hi" to it recently.

      It's good to get loads of traffic but to have a unique search title is priceless. That 35,000,000 can be brought down to just -- 1 -- YOU! Really cool! Google now hates you. Hide your I.P address from Google and Google is blind to what you are doing. It it knew you were searching with specific codes for that one unique Title that no one else has -- it would stop you from searching for hours on its browser or as long as it likes --- but, without knowing who's doing it (i.P. Address hidden), --- ha ha ha. Now that's Cool!

      If I want to sell on Kijiji in the U.S., I can place an ad -- no big deal. But after a few minutes or an hour, I'll receive an email from Kijiji saying that my ad has been removed because I do not live in the U.S. However, hide your I.P address and Kijiji is blind as to where you are from.

      Place your ad and go -- Ha ha ha !

    • seanorjohn profile image


      7 years ago

      This is quite a brilliant start.I need to find out more stuff. First time I ever heard about the importance of hiding the IP address. Puzzled as to why there is a need.Voted up and useful.


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