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Make Money Grow I How to advertise for free with Google

Updated on August 13, 2012
Advertise for free with Google
Advertise for free with Google

Remember this always.People will buy your product or service. Not goats, guinea pigs or sticks and stones. So bring your product or service as closer as you can to the seven senses of people. How do you do it? One may ask. There are many ways to do it. One effective way to do it is to advertise for free with Google. Yes. It is FREE. If u wanna make money grow, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to take this free offer from Google. After all, it’s free so why try. You aren’t gonna lose anything even if you just try.

Small business owners or entrepreneurs with online presence strive to spend less on advertising their company. If making money grow fast is your aim, than advertising for free with Google is a must learnt thing. This article will show you six practical and easy to follow steps to advertise for free with Google to make your money grow.

The idea of making money grow online is not different from offline business. To earn profit, one must spend less and earn more from the product or service being sold. The activity of promoting your business or brand can be a costly. I do a lot of branding for an Indian based company called Supreme Industries Limited. The fundamental idea is to get more people or companies to know about your company or brand.I get paid for networkingwith prospects and leading them to Supreme Industries and ensuring good customer relations with Supremes’ clients by ensuring consistency in client order patterns.

If you are a business or an individual entrepreneur who wants to get reach a wide audience as possible, this article is for you. I have taken my time to meticulously research and put together this article so you really don’t have to spend your precious time running here and there looking for information. All I can ask of you is read and learn from it. Above all, do it. It’s no use reading the article if you can’t take few minutes to actually try out what you have read.

I made sure to exclude all technical jargons to make the text plain but as concise and comprehensible as possible. The article doesn’t specify whether it is written for the neither novice nor veteran. It is for those who seek to learn and improve their situation without categorization tags such as novice or veteran. So if you really want to make money grow, swallow your pride and be a humble student and learn how to advertise for free with Google.

6 Easy to Follow Steps to Advertise for Free with Google to Make your Money Grow

To assist you to grow your money by saving advertising costs, I have listed and explained 6 easy to follow steps that you can follow to advertise for free with Google. I prefer Google because it is the biggest and most popular search engine. Not only that but also because my hubs rank very high with Google so I prefer Google. Others like Yahoo, MSN or others will have their own steps to advertising with them. I will find out and probably write a similar article like this. If you get there first, notify me by posting on the comment section below.

Step 1

Create your business website if you don’t have one. Really we can’t do anything if you don’t have one. Sites like Word press, GoDaddy, 2createawebsite offer free website templates. Bad news is, your most of the website functionalities in free website template are restricted. You can’t do much with it unless you decide to upgrade your website which will cost you few dollars which to me isn’t a bad idea is you are a serious with your business and don’t want to have a generic outlook in your website that will affect your product or service branding.

My best advice is to create your own website if you are good with HTML. If not, buy other to do it for you. No man is an island. Use others expertise to grow your business and as your business grows, so will be your money.

Step 2

Create an account with Google if you don’t already have one. Google will only allow you advertise for free if you have an account with Google. That’s understandable. If you are a big fan of Yahoo, MSN or others, please note that at the end of the day, Google tops the list. Like I said earlier, you want to reach wide audience, use the most effective means possible. Google reaches more people than do others search engines, so as a businessman it is logical to use Google.

Step 3

Now go to Click “Put your business on Google Maps”. Then click “Add New Business”. Done.

Step 4

I expect you to have all your business details on hand at this stage. This is the most critical stage. Take your time and enter all the required details as carefully as you can.

Details required

1. Company name

2. Business phone

3. Email address

4. Business description

Step 5

This validation stage. Google will ask how you want to validate your account. Either through phone or email. Google will send you the validation code on though the option you have chosen. Validate your account with the code given. It will take few days for Google to approve your request. Be patient.

Step 6

Keep checking daily until your website goes on live on Google Maps. It is as easy as that but as I said, your patience is required.

Make money grow
Make money grow


Small business owners or entrepreneurs with online presence strive to spend less on advertising their company. If making money grow fast is your aim, than advertising for free with Google is a must learnt thing. This article will show you six practical and easy to follow steps to advertise for free with Google to make money grow.


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    • Mellonyy profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, so useful information information found here and everything for free:) Thanks for sharing! Voted up and shared!

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Thanks Ian. More great tips here. Your information is, as always, invaluable.

    • profile image

      Hiya Tech Solutions 

      6 years ago

      A Reputed company for a Best SEO Services

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      6 years ago from New York

      Interesting information for those with web sites. Everyone's always looking for hints. Voted interesting.


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