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7 Simple Steps to Make Money Grow

Updated on January 20, 2015
Let them see how your money grows
Let them see how your money grows

To make money grow doesn’t require rocket science knowledge. As a matter of fact I find pleasure in seeing money grow as I keep adding zeros to my bank account. Do you want to do that? Take pride in seeing your money grow from digit to digit? After all, it’s your effort that manifest in your bank account as money. Seeing money growing in your account is a sure sign that you are doing something about your dream if your dream is to be wealthy or just have enough money to sustain your living.

What is quite funny is the notion that one needs a university degree, a good job and probably loads of cash to start a big business so that he can be wealthy. To a wealthy man, this notion is a myth. You really don’t need a college degree to make money grow and be wealthy. What you need is your mind, time and effort and repetition of what generates cash flow for you.

There is no magic formula. You can go to the extreme to Google up Magic formula of being wealthy and I assure you, you will be more frustrated and disheartened after you finish your Google search. The truth is no descent wealthy man will tell you he used magic formulae to be wealthy. Every wealthy person I know of built their wealth from either scratch through hard work, commitment and perseverance or earned it easily through hereditary or stuck gold in gambling. Either way, there is no magic formula to be wealthy.

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Stay focussed to grow your money
Stay focussed to grow your money

So I suggest you save yourself time and prevent frustration by reading this hub and learn the tried-and true strategies to make money grow. If you are in the same boat with me, building numerous streams of income to create your wealth empire, you will find this hub very useful and you will know why. If you aren’t with me and find this hub just as one of those articles published online to gain traffic and earn few dollars, than you will certainly miss seeing the intangible truths embedded within the texts.

Being wealthy isn’t fairy tale that starts with “Once upon there lived a poor boy in a village far away from town……. And ends with “gods felt sorry for him and made him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and he married a charming princess and they lived happily ever after”. You can tell this bedtime story to your babies but not yourself. Please don’t make this become your own bedtime story or else your miss the chance of making your money grow and being wealthy and living your dream life.


Think Rich

Being wealthy means thinking rich and aligning your practices to only adding value to your life. So how do wealthy people think and how do they live? You may ask me. As a freelance writer, I have met some of the wealthiest people on and offline and they never seem to stop fascinating me. Author and self-made millionaire Grant Cardone said this about wealthy people “The only difference between those who are wealthy and those who are poor and broke is in their thinking”. Putting it simply, wealthy people are wealthy because of the way they think and the poor and broke people are poor and broke because of the way they think. So who is it we should blame for someone being poor and broke? The rich or the poor? The wealthy people Think Rich. And as the old adage goes “Your life is the physical manifestation of your thoughts”. Dwelling on scarcity and negativity and not dwelling on abundance and positivity blinds and prevents the poor and broke from fully utilizing their innate creative potential to create new ideas to make money grow and live a life of abundance and financial freedom. Every day use of negative words perfect their practice of remaining perfectly broke or poor.

Whilst for the wealthy, they practice use of positive words and nurture positive mindset. Every day use of positive practice makes them perfect the practice and so make their money grow and live the life they dream. Wealthy people have a certain mindset. They don’t dwell on problems but they concentrate their energy on solutions. They invest their time, money and energy on things that adds value to their lives.

Serve before being served

Let’s take a closer look at this scenario. A person with broke mentality and a person with wealthy mentality decides to start up a small business of their own. The person with broke mentality will seek to get many people to serve him by buying from him so he can make a lot of money instantly. Great. On the contrary, the person with wealthy mentality will seek to serve many people first by being at the people’s service and being the answer to their problem. In the long run, who do you think will have loyal customers for his business? You answer for yourself. I respect your opinion as that’s what determines your success as I said earlier.

In my opinion, the wealthy person will have loyal customers who will come back to him again and again for more as he has the answer to their problems. This gives him a system that will continuously create cash flow for him in many years to come. To have more money is to make money grow daily and for a long time and that’s what the person with wealthy mindset does. The wealthy people serve before being served and they value time.

Value time

The most fascinating thing about wealthy people is that they don’t sell time. They buy time. Confused? It’s ok. This is what I mean. When I say wealthy people don’t sell time, I mean they don’t work for an employer who buys them according to the time they spend working daily. They are not in the employment category. And of course they are not in the hourly paid FLAT RATE category, to be precise. Instead they buy time. Meaning they, work for them and pay them. Wealthy people value their time so much and so attaché monetary value to each hour of the day. This is what I learnt from a greatest entrepreneur and friend John L. P. Schmidt who I just signed up under my referral to as a hub author using the username NIUGENE. John tells me to value each of my hours in a day at $160 or PGK400. So to make your money grow, simply learn to Think Rich

Pay yourself first

What do I mean when I say Pay yourself first? It is your savings I refer to. Many people I know off live their lives from paycheck to paycheck. Come fortnight Friday, they get their paycheck, use all the money and money fortnight Monday is always a gloomy day. To make your money grow, start next fortnight if you haven’t been doing that. This is serious. No IFs and BUTs and WHAT IFs. Just do it. Determine a percentage of your paycheck that you want to keep for yourself, and put it into your savings account. If it’s so hard to do it yourself, then arranged for automatic deduction. Pay yourself one hour’s worth of income every day and you will retire rich or have enough capital to start your own business when you decide to do so. It may sound like a hard pill to swallow for many folks, but look! Who benefits in the long run? You. So pay yourself first than other people.

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High Interest Rates

There are always a better way to make your money grow. Only of you approach wealth creation with a liberal mind. I have written few hubs on many ways to make money online and offline. See my relevant hubs listed below.

Now back to our subject. There are online banks that sometimes offer higher interest rates. You can put your money into such online banks instead of putting into the most convenient savings account. This again involves risks and demands your meticulous research and analysis before you take a dive.

A legitimate online service that provides you the opportunity to compare rates offered by different financial institutions is Bankrate.You can also put up your money into a certificate of deposit called CD. This is if you are willing to lock your money for a certain time, say six months to five years for instance. CDS can make your money grow and yield higher than your savings account.

About credit cards

Instead of making your money grow, your credit card sucks your money away. But you can easily change your credit card from being a money sucker to a money maker. You may be wondering how. I found this out after a bit of research and hope it helps you and me as we strive to make our money grow. If is very simple. Pay off your entire credit card balance each month and you will save some money on interest charges. Simple huh! Now this requires bit of discipline from your end. Don’t overdo your spending limit. Spend within your limit so you can employ the above strategy to save some money. If you have a rewards card, you can earn points on the purchase you make. With enough points, you can redeem the card them for cash or goods. It’s just a simple strategy but many take it for granted owning to our mindset. .


If you dream is to make money grow and be wealthy and live the life you dream, stay right away from those that promise you magic formulas of being wealthy. The truth is there is no such a thing as magic formula of success. Instead learn and use these 7 tried-and true wealth creation strategies discussed here and you will make your money grow handsomely and you reap the benefits of your sweat.


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      Ian D Hetri 3 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      Thanks always for the vote. Top day

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      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Great info but I have a feeling I can think as rich as I want but I'm still not going to get there!

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      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      Great info here!....."Being wealthy means thinking rich and aligning your practices to only adding value to your life..."'s is really, really good advice.Thanks, voted up!