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Health and Wellness Memberships for $1.00 this week ending the 12th of December.

Updated on December 8, 2009

Tired of working for other people?!?!

How many of us really wished that we could leave our jobs and earn money at home? I know there are millions that wished they could spend more time with their families without having to say, "If I didn't have to go to work, we could spend the entire day at the beach." It is hard to plan a vacation because there is a high possibility that their employer may not let them get the days off needed for the trip. We have to go through rough preparations just to make it to work on time. For some this includes;

  1. Waking up extra early to prepare breakfast and get the entire family ready for the day.
  2. Taking children to school, daycare, or babysitters.
  3. Taking the bus, taxi, or drive ones own car.
  4. Going through the traffic.
  5. Getting to work.
  6. Freshen up.
  7. Clock in.
  8. Put a smile on.
  9. Showtime.

Doing these 9 steps can be exhausting before the first hour has passed at work. To think a person has to repeat these steps in reverse at the end of the day. To add to that, extra activities like sports practices and/or games, dance recitals, checking homework, and preparing dinner are more hours spent outside the home. By the 8pm the entire family is exhausted. AND this cycle has to be repeated the next day.....

Let me explain something about having a JOB! A job is exactly what is J-just O-over B-broke. It makes no sense to me to go through all of this just to make a little bit above the poverty line. Your boss is capitalizing off your talents, skills, and education just so he/she could remain on top while yet you struggle. Most of your efforts will never get any recognition and the pay doesn't equal up to the job description. AND employers understand this. That's why they give out so many jobs and not enough careers plus will never show you how to own anything. They will never show you how to become financially independent. Which brings me to this point...

A reason to quit your job

 I am in no way telling any of you to quit your jobs. For those who depend on it, by all means stay. If you are sincerely happy at your job, DON'T QUIT.!! Many of us search daily looking for other avenues to obtain residual income without having to do much work. I promise you this, there is always work to be done. None of us can expect to become financially free without doing some sort of ground work.

I have been on the Internet for years searching for "the perfect business opportunity." Needless to say, I found a few, but none as perfect as what I am doing today.

This is where most Internet based business opportunities get you.

  1. MLM-Multi Level Marketing. You have to work extra hard to gain from pyramid marketing. This could take months even years to be lucrative.
  2. High start up costs. If you are already in a financial bind investing hundreds to start could set you back. Most of these online companies want you to invest high and still purchase other products to help make money. You can do all this and still not make a dime.
  3. Monthly fees. After paying the start up, in order to profit from the company, you have to pay monthly for extra services to advance. Most companies call it membership fees.
  4. Fraudulent companies. I have experienced signing us only to find out that the websites securities are false. I would go to use it and the page or website no longer existed.

You can see that online work from home programs rarely offers the option to quit your job. Too much time, money, and efforts are wasted in Internet home based businesses.

Earn an extra $1,800.00 per month. (NO JOKE)

How would you like to become a part of a company that can save you money plus put money in your pockets?

This isn't an online business although the option is there.

This isn't like selling Avon.

This isn't a get rich quick scam.

This company have been existing since 1985. It started by a man that watched his father struggle, hardly making ends meet. This company won the Torch Award, the highest award given by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) along with a plethora of humanitarian awards from places like the Salvation Army.

Here are some of the benefits;

  1. They will pay $400.00 each month towards your automobile payments.
  2. They will pay off your mortgage.
  3. They will help you get out of debt.
  4. They will pay you to purchase their products.
  5. They will provide health, dental, vision and other insurance for only $24.95 one time fee.

Me personally didn't care too much about the car payments considering the fact that I don't drive. I would love to purchase a house. I don't have much debt but utilize that program. I have purchased their products and received money from them. I am currently enrolled in their health insurance and loving them.

I know many of you are asking, "How can I take advantage of this?" I will answer that question soon.

Stay with me here...

Let me first explain this;

  • No Large Investment
  • No Carrying Inventory
  • No Taking Orders and Making Deliveries
  • No Billing and Collections
  • No Pressuring Customers to purchase
  • No Repeat Sales Presentations
  • No Risk Simply Switch Stores and SAVE

This company is in the business of getting Eco Friendly Products into every household. There are currently five ways to earn money. I'll only mention the top two that earns the most money.

  1. Become a Director. This method would make you the owner with the option to do whatever you want with it. Earn residuals by helping others to the program to become Directors. Directors Fees is only a one time payment of 29.95+Tx. You'll receive all your builiding business tools. Nothing more to purchase and they send you tools every month at no additional cost.
  2. Sign up people for memberships.The memberships are equivalent to Sam's, BJ's, and Coscos Wholesale Clubs. The only difference is, those memberships has to be renewed annually. With this company there is only a one time fee of $24.99+tx.

You can earn money the same way. Simply showing others this company and products doesn't take alot of effort, time, or money. Everyone loves to save and make money at the same time.

Hurry. Must Act Now

Want to learn how you can get rid of toxic everyday chemicals in your home to environmentally.. safe products?

Are you suffering from heart disease, upper respiratory, digestive, and a host of other related illnesses?

Are you concerned about your weight and want to learn how to manage it?

Would you be interested in beauty products that are economically and environmentally.. friendly?

Wouldn’t you want to learn how you can save up to 70% by purchasing these products directly from the manufacturer.

Wouldn’t you love never having to stand in long lines at your local store to purchase products that are marked up so that the retailer gains a profit?

Did you know that retailers charge at least $2.00 or more on products that are toxic to your health and less concentrated?

Are you tired of always having to clip coupons to save on everyday cleaning products?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, I have a solution that will make your shopping experience totally amazing. Become a preferred member and save hundreds of dollars per year for purchases you already make on a monthly even weekly basis. Its real easy to do.

You have to be 18 years or older
Willing to save.

We are now offering Preferred Memberships to our Eco Friendly Company for a one time low fee. This offer will not be made again. Get your membership now before the fee goes back to its regular price. All you need is a one dollar ($1.00) ONE TIME ONLY fee. This is your lifetime membership fee. You’ll never have to pay Membership fees again. Hurry because this is only good for this week only from December 9-12 2009 .

The first 30 people who successfully secure their Preferred Memberships will receive $100.00 in savings. That is $20.00 each month for the next 5 months towards your purchases. You must take advantage of the savings over the next 5 months in order to enjoy your already discounted products.

To get your Preferred Membership, please leave your name, telephone number, email address and I will get you started right away. Remember I only have 30 slots for the $100.00 savings. Do not let this pass you by.

Get In Where You Fit In

We are now offering this amazing business opportunity and memberships at a very low price for this week December 9-12, 2009 Only!!!! The regular price to become Directors is $29.95 and for Memberships $24.95.

We understand that the holidays are approaching, Our holiday gift to you is a healthier greener environment and financial freedom for JUST $1.00. Must act now before this offer goes back to its regular price..This offer will never be this low again. Don't hesitate any longer. Email or contact me on Facebook. Search Friends and type in my name LaShonda Harrell Andrews, and please leave a message entitled Directors Position...

Look forward to seeing you all at the top...

About Their Products

These are the products currently in stock;

  1. Cleaning Products. No other cleaning products protect your home, family, and environment like these. They are safer for your home. Effective naturally derived ingredients. No abrasives and ph balanced (Non Alkaline). Safer for the earth. Super concentrated, no fillers (water and added ingredients to fill the bottle) and no phosphates. Safer for your family. No chlorine bleach, ammonia, aerosols, or formaldehyde.
  2. Health Products. A host of vitamins and supplements made from 100% pure ingredients ranging from dietary to weight management.
  3. Bath and Body. Self Explanatory.
  4. Make-Up. a specific line of products were made that are safe for your health as well as the environment and gave them exclusively to this company.
  5. Pharmaceuticals. Self Explanatory.

I purchased some cleaning products from them and WOW, I'll never purchase from a store again. I purchased $60.00 worth of products and they paid me $20.00 in a check when my products arrived. But the checks varies depending on the dollar amount of your purchases.

This was my experience......

I purchased a bottle of laundry detergent that was 6x concentrated for 192 loads. I am still using that bottle. I don't see me purchasing any laundry detergent till at least February 2010. This same bottle I purchased from them is equal to 6 bottles of Tide that is 2x concentrated. For 6 bottles of Tide cost a wopping $61.74 in the stores. I only paid 29.99 for theirs.

I purchased window cleaner at 96 fl.oz. I used a cap full and added water to my squirt bottle. This takes care of all my window and glass cleaning. I even made a bottle to keep in my husbands car for the windows and mirrors. That same clear power is equal to 3 bottles of windex. I paid $5.69 for it opposed to spending $10.47 on three bottles of windex. My bottle is not even half way finished. That bottles should last me until April of 2010.

I purchased tub and tile cleaner. This is some good stuff. I tested it to see its power. I had this real dirty nickel. I mean this nickel was so dirty that it would have taken a serious scrubbing plus. I didn't have to do that with the tub and tile cleaner. I simply place half of the nickel in the solution for about 15-20 seconds and it came out completely clean. Same 96 fl.oz bottle is the same as 6 bottles of Lime-A-Way. I paid $5.69 and 6 bottles of Lime-A-Way would have cost $20.94.

You can see purchasing products that are more concentrated goes a long way at a much cheaper price. My sister became a director and purchased products for her classroom. My aunt is a doctor who became a director and purchased products for the employee cafeteria and offices. Now the hospital that she works in are changing their cleaning products to these products.

There are just so many benefits to this company that you can profit from that I can't explain it all in this hub. However, if you would love to become a director or even a member, where you can save up to 70% please email WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING TO FILL POSITIONS FOR 30 SR. DIRECTORS AND 46 DIRECTORS. INQUIRE AT ENROLL NOW!! THE POSITIONS ARE FILLING UP FAST AND WILL CLOSE ON OCTOBER 31, 2009. WE WILL NOT OFFER THIS POSITION PAST THAT DATE. GET IN NOW AND BY OCTOBER YOU CAN SEE YOUR EARNINGS REACH ATLEAST $1,200.00. I GUARENTEE IT OR A FULL REFUND OF YOUR MONEY BACK


Please leave your First and Last Name, email address, telephone number, and best time to reach you. I will send you the enrollment link and walk you through the entire process through sharing.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about this amazing business opportunity that is recession proof, cost friendly, and environmentally safe. My prayers are that you all will become directors, get financially free, save money,and protect our environment. See you all at the top.


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