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Earn Rewards for Using Your iPhone! (Checkpoints app review)

Updated on May 10, 2013

How it Works:

In the app checkpoints you are able to receive awards for participating in surveys, watching ads, downloading specific apps, and even shopping in stores.

What happens is you go and do one of these things such as shopping, or watching ads or downloading the app, etc., and Checkpoints will then give you "Coins" were is essentially the money in Checkpoints. With these coins or for our purposes "Money", you then go and essentially gamble them in either a "scratch ticket", or a "slot machine". From then on it is "Luck" (it could also be an algorithmic that determines whether or not the likeliness of you winning is high or not).

Of course, there are other ways and you do not necessarily need "coins" to start earning points, you can watch videos and earn 1 point per video, or shop and earn straight up points from that as well, but I have found that the slot machines and scratch tickets are a much quicker way of earning points fast.

In order to earn coins you must once again either watch an add, or complete a survey, or download a specified app and play it for at least one minute. Once you have done that and racked up enough coins you can head on over to that scratch ticket and hope for the best.

Once you have earned enough Points, you can then head on over to the "Awards" section of the app where you may select what you want and "purchase" it--so to speak--with the points that you have earned.



I have spent a good amount of time on checkpoints and am really starting to find all of it's pros and cons. Below you will find what I like about this app:

1. Nice layout - The entire app is smooth, and looks nice. You know those clunky apps that just aren't fun to be on, yeah this is not one of them. From opening the app it just looks and smells beautiful.

2. It's... Well... Fun! - When you're scratching off the ink to reveal what you hope to be the winning numbers of a lottery ticket, there is always that little boy inside of you as giddy as can be hoping that this is the time. The thing is, it never is with those. In this app, however, you get that warm feeling inside of you every time you start scratching; and the thing is... sometimes you win! It shouldn't seem like much: winning a mini-game inside of an app on your iPhone, but for some reason it really gives you that feeling of satisfaction when you win that minuscule amount of points.

3. It actually works - I did not get that many points on this app, but I got enough to purchase one of the smaller prizes (a $1 Gift card to Amazon) and from what I got, it actually worked. Yep, about a minute after I had "purchased" this app I had it right there ready for use in Amazon.

4. Variety of prizes - From gift cards, to headsets, to video game consoles, all the way to giving money to charity, this app has a plethora of things that you can choose to purchase. Of course, the more expensive the prize the more points that you will need, but just the armory of merchandise that you can win is quite extensive and impressing.



Even with all the great things that this app has to offer, it does not come without any flaws. Below you will find the cons I had for this app:

1. Slow - It takes a relatively long time for you to start earning some really good points. In order to be getting any of the big prizes you nee to earn lots of points (as expected) but this app does not do a good job at making it feel like you are getting close. While using this app it can sometimes feel like a long and terrible grind that is forever repeating, and when you look up at your progress, it has not improved by very much. Which leads me to my next con...

2. You Barely ever win - As I was saying before: not only does it actually take a long time for you to earn anything, it also feels like it is taking a long time. When you play a game or gamble or do a scratch ticket you will sometimes go 15-20 times in a row without winning anything; it just all feels like a huge waist. On one hand it makes the wins so much more exciting, while on the other it can really make the app a drag at times.

3. Surveys and Apps are just spam - Not going to lie, sometimes you download an app that is actually quite entertaining and engaging, so you feel like it was actually worth your time. But more often than not, you're going to want and delete that app as soon as you have used it for the required minute. As for the surveys, those seem to be scams and generally ask for some kind of address or credit card that I am just not willing to give to these people; so I tend to stray away from those.


When it comes down to it, "Checkpoints" is a pretty cool app that allows you to get awards for participating in their "advertisements" so-to-speak. Would I recommend this app? If you got the time and patience for it, go ahead and knock yourself out; who knows maybe you'll end up getting some pretty cool stuff.

Me personally, I don't have the attention span to sit on my phone for ours hoping to get enough points to get a $1 Dollar gift card. Basically, it comes down to who you are and willing you are to invest your time in this app.


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      jessica 4 years ago

      Use referral code koraljess and get double points!!


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