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Make Money Online: A Look At The Website Orble

Updated on September 15, 2012

This is a hub that will review the website Orble. Orble is a website that allows people to earn money via Google Adsense. Find out what Orble is all about and if the website it worth trying out.


What Is Orble

As mentioned earlier Orble is a website where people can make money blogging. Orble is a blogging platform, similar to Google's blogger. When a person signs up at the site, they will then be able to create blogs and blog posts right away.

Ways To Earn Money On Orble

The site allows bloggers to make money VIA Google Adsense. According to the site, there is another way to earn money, and that is VIA editorial stars.

Basically there are two ways for people to earn money, with the main way being Adsense and the other way by earning editorial stars. According to The website, one editorial star is worth $3-$5. Editorial stars are given when posts about current events are posted. Orble will give between 1-10 editorial stars on such posts, if the posts meet the site's requirements. The website explains what factors are taken into consideration when they give out editorial stars.

Orble Pros

1. The site is very easy to blog for. Orble has a very easy interface, which allows people to blog effortlessly.

2.When a person decides to post to Orble, there is usually no waiting period, which means that posts are published instantly.

3. Bloggers can blog about virtually anything they want to blog about.

Orble Cons

1. This is an opinion, but it seems that Orble blogs and blog posts do not rank well in Google. Upon researching, barely any blog posts from the site has appeared in Google. Again this is based on a little research and an opinion but there may be some bloggers who do get organic traffic from Google and search engines.

2. Bloggers are able to delete their blogs and blog posts, but there does not appear to be a section where one can delete their entire account with Orble.


As of now it looks like Orble may not be worth pursuing. The site may have been worth trying out before Google made their changes, but it appears that Orble blogs and posts do not rank well in search engines, and the fact that there is no way for a person to delete their account is another negative. People may be able to delete their account with Orble if they sent them a message, but it would be better if the site has a section where people could go to and delete their accounts with the site.

People will probably want to stay away from Orble.


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