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How to Make Money Online by Playing Pokemon

Updated on August 23, 2016

You Really CAN Make Money Playing Pokemon!

Although it may sound too good to be true, you really can make money, REAL MONEY (I'm not talking Poke-coins!) by playing Pokemon. This is in reference to the video games rather than the card game. So if you're in to the card game and not the video games... sorry, this isn't for you.

If you're in to the video games then congratulations, you're on the right track!

Now, I'm not saying you're going to become a millionaire by playing Pokemon, because that really is too good to be true. Unfortunately you aren't going to make massive amounts. But you can certainly make more than your money back that you spent on buying the game in the first place!

I know this is possible, because this is something I did when I was around 16 years old. Growing up with the Pokemon franchise, it was pretty hard not to get hooked on the video games!

With the introduction of the Global Trade Station (GTS) a whole new money-making opportunity opened. This article will explain how you, too, can make money by playing Pokemon...

Pokemon GTS Logo
Pokemon GTS Logo

The Requirements

The Pokemon GTS is a requirement when it comes to making money playing Pokemon. The GTS is your gateway to the rest of the Pokemon players in the world. And these will be your new customers.

In addition to the GTS, to make your life A LOT easier, you're going to need a Ditto! Ditto is known for transforming in to whichever Pokemon it is battling against. It is essentially a carbon copy of whatever Pokemon it goes up against.

However, one more interesting fact about Ditto IS that it will breed with just about ANYTHING! With the exception of legendaries, baby Pokemon and other Ditto, Ditto can breed with any Pokemon, male or female, and will produce an egg of whatever Pokemon you breed it with (it will never produce a Ditto egg - Ditto's cannot be bred, only caught or traded!)

You'll also need a whole host of other Pokemon. These will be used to breed with Ditto, resulting in Pokemon eggs!

So, in summary, to make REAL WORLD MONEY by playing Pokemon, you need:
• Access to the GTS
• Ditto
• Pokemon to breed with Ditto

I've included a video, below, from YouTube about how to catch a Ditto in the newest generation of Pokemon games if you don't have one already.

How to Catch Ditto!

So How Do I Make Money Using a Ditto?

You are going to become a genuine, real-life Pokemon breeder. Sign up to eBay or another online free-to-join auction/sales site.

To make money from playing Pokemon, you will list on eBay (or whatever site you are using), all of the Pokemon you can breed, and you will charge a small amount per Pokemon. An example description for your eBay listing would be:

I will breed you any of the Pokemon I have included in this listing for just 99p! All of my Pokemon are caught legitimately and are NOT a product of a cheat or GameShark code. They are all obtained through natural means. The Pokemon you can buy from me include various Starter Pokemon, a lot of hard-to-find Pokemon, rare Pokemon, and even some kind-of-legendary Pokemon, such as Zorua.

From personal experience, I would highlight the different starters you can breed, as well as any hard-to-catch Pokemon, and any baby Pokemon too. These are generally the Pokemon people want, as many people find it hard, or can't be bothered, or simply don't know how to get them!

I would also suggest outlining HOW your buyers will receive their Pokemon, and WHEN they will receive their Pokemon. I generally ran my Pokemon breeding business like this:

  1. Make sure eBay listing is up to date with all Pokemon I can breed included as purchase options
  2. Post eBay listing
  3. Take order
  4. Put correct Pokemon in Day Care Centre with Ditto
  5. Run or cycle around the area immediately outside the Day Care centre, checking regularly to see if the egg is ready to collect. It shouldn't take too long until there is an egg ready to pick up!
  6. Once the egg is ready, open up a space in your party and collect the egg from Day Care
  7. Contact your buyer over eBay private messaging, swap Friend Codes and tell them you will be free to trade in 2/3 hours. Make sure they know you don't care which Pokemon they trade you in return for the one they've ordered off you. (They will probably trade you a low level Pokemon you find towards the beginning of the game.)
  8. Hatch the egg as soon as you can, by running or cycling around, avoiding battles and will encounters if possible, as these are just slowing you down on your journey to becoming a real life Pokemon breeder!
  9. Log on to eBay to keep in contact with your buyer and let them know you're in the GTS and ready to trade.
  10. Trade them their Pokemon!
  11. Repeat steps 3-10 until you have made enough money!

Zorua and Zoroark
Zorua and Zoroark

A Quick Tip...

I would suggest researching which Pokemon are highly sought after and are in high-demand and making a separate eBay listing highlighting this/these.

For example, when I started making money through selling newly-hatched Pokemon on eBay, Zoroark was a complete mystery to most people, and was one of the most sought after Pokemon at that time. Even more sought after, was it's little kid Zorua!

I set up eBay listings highlighting the fact that I was selling newly-hatched, legitimately-obtained (not hacked basically) Zoruas for just 99p and I made over £30 in a week, just from Zoruas!

Pokerus notification at the PokeCenter
Pokerus notification at the PokeCenter
Pokerus shown on Pokemon stats
Pokerus shown on Pokemon stats

Expanding Your Pokemon Breeding Business

If you enjoy making money from playing Pokemon, you could expand your business further. Not only could you breed and sell Pokemon, but you could sell Pokerus and Items too!

I was lucky enough to contract Pokerus in one of my games, and I know it's an extremely rare event. I have played Pokemon for years and years, and I have only seen it twice. The first time, my best friend had it on his game but we were too young to know (or care) what it was/did. We were about 13. The second time, I got it myself. At first I thought it meant my Pokemon was going to die for good, but I was happy to find out it actually HELPS you!

I quickly set up an eBay listing selling Pokemon infected with Pokerus and made quite a lot of money (I won't disclose the figure). As you may know, Pokerus is contagious, so if you have one Pokemon with Pokerus, you can infect all of your others with it too!

Similarly, you could sell your Master Ball, Rare Candy or other rare items for money too!

But please make sure everything you sell, you obtained legitimately and not through a GameShark code or other cheat method. This ruins the fun of the game for everyone involved.


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