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Make Money Selling Online

Updated on March 19, 2009

Make Money Selling Online - Under the Radar Techniques

Despite today's economy there are still simple and inexpensive ways to make money selling online. One of the easiest ways is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around for awhile and is an easy way to create earnings quickly without investing a much money, if any money at all. Affiliate marketing is totally internet-based and is essentially a rewards system where an affiliate is paid for each and every prospective buyer, or visitor that is introduced to a product or service through the affiliate's marketing efforts by using cost per click, cost per action, or click-through tracking methods that statistically rate the performance of affiliate marketing campaigns.

The methods used in affiliate marketing aren't that much different than typical internet marketing methods used to market products directly by the manufacturers and merchants. Affiliate marketing utilizes typical ecommerce marketing channels and methods - email marketing, paid search engine and search engine optimization, forum posting (which could be considered modern-day word-of-mouth), blogging and website creation are just some of the methods used.

Affiliate marketing is a low-profile way to make money selling online that tends to fly under the radar while playing a very significant role in company's sales. Basically, the money paid for affiliate marketing efforts could be considered paid commission for the referred revenue. Cost per click, cost per sale, and cost per action programs are the typical ways of gauging compensation for affiliate marketing efforts. The surge and popularity of blogging and other online, interactive communities have granted these affiliate marketers the opportunity for even greater communications between product providers and potential consumers and increases in their shared revenues.

Affiliate marketers are sometimes considered an extended entity of a company's sales force; however, they do not have as much power as a direct sales force to influence someone into making a purchase - their job is to get a prospect to the point of purchase through their blogs, ads, forum posts, or some other creative means. Affiliate marketing grants a particular freedom to the marketer to make money selling online that the "normal" sales force does not own, which can allow for some very creative methods of marketing. Since many of these methods are untapped and yet-to-be discovered, the potential to make money selling online is limitless and unbounded.

Merchants and companies are attracted to affiliate marketing because they are only paying for performance. In other forms of marketing a company might invest thousands of dollars in direct-mail campaigns or print and broadcast ads that go nowhere. With affiliate marketing, the company only pays money when they sell their products and services or make them money.

With affiliate marketing, you don't have to come up with a great invention, some life-saving service, or the next great commodity - other people have already done that, or attempted to do that. What you're doing is marketing their great product for them and getting paid on the performance of your successful marketing efforts at little or no cost to you. Through affiliate marketing, it's easy to make money selling online, out-of-pocket expenses are minimal to virtually non-existent, and you can set your own hours.


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