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Make Money Writing Articles

Updated on March 16, 2011


Making money writing is not difficult, all you need is time and a little creative energy.  If you can muster these you can make a decent income writing.  I will show you ways to make money using your writing skills online.

Writing for Money

Writing is a good way to make a living, it can be done anywhere and it takes no money to get started.  If you like writing so much the better.  A few sites make writing articles easy and profitable.  Of course which your reading this article from makes it easy.  There are a few others as well.  All you have to di is open an account and your in business.  I like since it makes wrtitng the articles easy, you get an update on your pay daily so you know where you stand everyday.  You get paid at the end of each month by paypal.  The last writing site I like is, you write blogs and put your adsense ads on it and create money from it.


Writing for money takes time and focus, if you can muster these two things you will make money writing.  By using multiple writing sites you spread out your income and risk, never depend on just one income source as you never know what could happen to it.


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