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Build a Business Using Craigslist

Updated on February 13, 2012

These days many of us are looking for ways to quickly supplement or replace our incomes. There was a time, not so long ago that this could be incredibly challenging. However, with the advent of Craigslist, things have changed dramatically. With Craigslist, you can build a business immediately, but you must remain diligent in your posting and you must consistently build credibility.

Rules to follow:

Build a website - If you review ads placed on Craigslist, you will often find little more than text and a phone number. If you plan to get the calls from potential customers you need to establish your brand as credible and serious. This simple step will give you more credibility than 80% of those advertising on Craigslist.

Use pictures in your posting - Far too many advertising neglect this simple opportunity to show off their offering. In some Craigslist sections you are not permitted to post a picture with the normal advertisement. Due to this restriction, most of the advertisers don't ad photographs. However, Craigslist does allow HTML posting. This simply means that if you post your ad in this internet friendly format, you can include pictures, graphics and formats. There are several services on the web that will allow you to build HTML ads for free. If you do, you will find that your ads stand out, and grab the attention you need.

Buy a logo - Similar to building a website, the purchase and inclusion of a logo in your advertisements will make an enormous difference in the perception of your potential customers. It is not difficult to find logo designers who will craft a custom logo for under $100. While you may be hesitant to invest in your new Craigslist business, this is money well spent. A unique logo proves that you are a serious business, and will guarantee credibility when compared to other Craigslist advertisers. This simple step will increase you calls and emails dramatically.

Write solid copy for your advertisement - Misspellings and poor grammar are immediate flags for many potential clients. From the perspective of a customer, would you trust a service provider who isn't even competent enough to write clearly? A professionally written, grammatically correct advertisement is another step in building your Craigslist credibility.

Offer pricing in your ad - Now that you have taken the steps to build credibility with your Craigslist audience, it is important to give them some idea of your pricing. A potential downside of you professional ad is that potential customers may assume that you are far more expensive than other advertisers. If you offer pricing so that your customers understand your quality does not come at a significantly higher price, you will rule over those less professional Craigslist competitors.

Add a customer quotes from previous engagements - Having followed the previous steps, you are now among the most credible advertisers in your category. To add that last bit of professionalism, ad some quotes from your customers. Obviously you will want real quotes from real customers, so be sure to ask for the quote upon completion, and seek permission to use their name in your advertising. With this final step, you will become the go to vendor in your Craigslist advertisements.

As with any advertising medium, you need to maximize the impression you make on potential clients. These steps will immediately set you apart from other Craigslist advertisers, and you will your business will grow as a result.


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      Jailson 2 years ago

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