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Make Your Blog Shareable

Updated on July 11, 2017

Writing a blog is great, but if no one sees it then it's not really effective for growing your traffic. You can help people find your blog by making is shareable on social sites with a few simple tricks.

Embed social sharing buttons in each blog

Ok, this is an obvious one but sometimes people can forget even the simplest details! The easiest thing you can do for your blog is to add social sharing buttons. These buttons help your customers easily share your blog to their favorite social site without having to copy your link or even be directed from your page. You want to include these on each blog, not just the main site. If you are using a service like Wordpress, you can install plugins that will create professional looking buttons in a few steps. Otherwise there are free tools out there you can put on your website with a little coding.

Use a great headline

This is more about your content than how your blog looks. Include a title that describes your blog, but make it interesting as well. An interesting title will get people excited about what you have to say. Try to highlight the benefit of the blog to the reader so they know right away what it’s about. Or if you feel confident in your skills (or know your target audience really well), create a clever or humorous title that leaves a little mystery and makes the reader want to click on your blog to see what’s it's all about.

Create a header image to share on pinterest

If your customers do like your blog, make it easy for them to pick an image to share. Make a header image that has a large, clear photo and includes the title of your blog. Including the title means viewers will know what the blog is about without having to read a caption. Make sure to use a large font and overlay the title in a way that is easy to see on mobile devices since these images are much smaller than images on computers or tablets.

Use eye catching photos that people can pin/share easily

Along with your header image, try to include images through your blog that would look great on Pinterest. If you are doing a tutorial, try to create a longer image with images of each steps together. Or stage photos of final projects that are eye catching. Longer images and images with warmer colors do better on Pinterest so keep these in mind when staging your own photos.

Make a short video

If you are writing a tutorial or something you can talk about, think about making a short video. This can either be a full video with you talking, or a shorten video like those that have become popular on Pinterest. There are many free online software to do some quick video editing. Videos tend to be more interesting than images when done correctly and catch people’s eyes as they scroll through feeds (since most social sites now play videos automatically)

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