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Make Your Own Facebook Fan Pages Designs

Updated on December 24, 2010

Facebook Fan Pages

Making your own Facebook Fan Pages has been limiting of late. Everyone seems to be hooked on cookie cutter templates and frankly they just can't represent your Business well because of the limits.

The Big Brands like Victoria's Secret, Red, Coke, Ford and Zappo's change their page designs to keep up with their business. What promotions and sales they have going on determine what that page design is going to have on it. All of these have Big Powerful Facebook influence and followers/fans!

Your business isn't static! You need to be able to make changes when you want.

Templates don't let you do that without paying for another template and hosting.

It's worse if you are using a "designer" who can charge up to $697 per design/change. (are people crazy to pay that?) um, yes! 

Make your Own with Fan Page Envy

In the above image, Jen of Desert Valley Gifts created this for the co-operative mall where her store is located. She did it with Fan Page Envy. No Templates. No Hosting.

Fan Page Envy is actually teaching people how to use some of the best tools on the web in graphic design (that even a beginner can master quickly) and then marry them together into awesome Fan Pages complete with links to wherever you want them to go. In the above image Jen made 6 links including those awesome litte TABS that look like something you would see on a website! Each link leads to a specific page on the website for more info.

Permanently LINK your Facebook Page to Your Site

Then there is this one. Jen of Desert Valley Gifts has a MORE tab, something exclusive to Fan Page Envy users. This design which is on her Facebook Page has 11 links all going to her website where she has products for sale.

These permanent links to your site/ blog keep your Facebook Fan Page working for you 24/7 so that if you aren't online, they still go where you want them too. All 600 Million and counting Facebook users who might LIKE your Page to find out more about your brand!

  • No Template will let you create this!
  • No Designer will create it for you without charging a fortune per link!

Fan Page Envy

That image was so big showing everything that you can do with Fan Page Envy I had to screen shot it in half to get it all on here!

It's apparently going beyond Facebook with sidebar photos for Twitter and Youtube. Blog headers, backgrounds and even product labels. I talked to Jen of Desert Valley Gifts and she said she uses it on every product. Her candles, tarts, soap, lotions you name it, she has a custom label made with Fan Page Envy then she simply prints them off. That means her brand recognition is through the roof and she saves money only printing what she needs at the time she makes a batch of products!

Want to learn more about Fan Page Envy then go to the Facebook Page for it, since its designed for Facebook Pages first, it's the only place to find out more about it. 


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