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Make Your Visual Communication Stronger

Updated on March 7, 2015

Communication is Now Mostly Visual

Communication is becoming increasingly visual. This is not limited to advertisements that you see in a newspaper or on a billboard. It's the way people related to one another in the era. This trend is highlighted by the growing popularity of social media platforms and, within those, the fastest-growing networks being Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. All these platforms are focused on visual content. On Facebook, images constitute 93% of the most engaging posts in comparison to status updates, shared links and even videos, according to a study by Socialbakers. So, whether it is a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower (to let people know you're visiting Paris) or an image of how plastics can harm food (to raise your voice against indiscriminate commercialization), people communicate almost everything in the form of images.


Communicating with the Target Audience

Now that communication is so visual, it is extremely important for companies to use this to connect with their target audience. Any visual that needs to communicate goes much beyond design. It should be a reflection of what your company stands for. It also is about the sentiment that your brand wants to trigger in the target audience. Does it want to be thought of as stable or innovative? Does it want to reflect youthfulness or professionalism? Imagery tells the viewer about what the company does, the values they promote and how the target audience may benefit, according to an article in Mark Parkinson's Billion Dollar Graphics.

Consistency in Communication

For communication to be more effective, consistency is highly important. In fact, consistency in communication increases brand recall. Therefore, whatever communication goes from a company to its target audience needs to be unified. This can be a great challenge for companies big and small. The two key elements that are the most basic, yet the most essential to make visual communication more consistent are colors and fonts.


Saying it with Color

Color can increase the willingness to read by 80% and can have a positive impact on motivation, according to a report by HP Invent. While orange signifies optimism, yellow conveys intellect. Green is symbolic of balance and growth, while blue indicates trust and innovation.


Saying it with the Font

Very similar to choosing what to wear, a typeface or font can be expressive, stylish, useful and appropriate, according to an article in Smashing Magazine. You can choose a strong font to make a professional impact. Choose a simple one to convey more humility. If you are catering to children, you can opt for a cute font. Choose an elegant font to give importance to tradition.

Evolution of Apple Logos


Tips for Effective Visual Communication

  • Keep it Simple: Whether it is your logo, a social media post or a point-of-purchase standie, keep the design simple. Too much communication overwhelms people, while simplicity allows for easy recognition and recall.
  • Research Enough: It is important to check out what kind of visual communication is more effective. Begin with a broad base, but gradually intensify the focus of the research to your industry, companies similar to yours and the regions where your target audience belong.
  • Think in Terms of RoI: Rather than considering the absolute cost of an initiative to promote your company, think of the results that investment will bring you. For instance, a social media profile may seem like a great option for some businesses, while for others giving out promotional gifts could be the right solution to get the brand noticed. According to a survey conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 94% of the participants were able to recall a specific promotional product they had received in the past 24 months. For instance, custom pens have proved to be a highly cost effective solution.
  • Avoid Clich├ęs: The image of a globe to show that your business has an international presence has been overused. It no longer makes an impact on the target audience.


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