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Make a high quality, free website

Updated on November 26, 2011

A guide on how to easily make a free website!

This is no lies, just a genuine way of making a free website – that looks professional, and is easily editted. And you even have several options on how to do this!

Hand code

The first option is hand coding a website. This means you will need to learn HTML, CSS and maybe Javascript and PHP if its needed on your website.

HTML is the physical things on your website – the page with all the text, images, videos and buttons that will go on your site.

CSS is the presentation/layout part of your website – this means you decide the colors of backgrounds and fonts, where an image is placed, what size your title is, and if you want a border around the main part of your website. This can also be used for roll over effects.

Javascript and PHP are slightly different types of programming code, that let you do anything from a roll over effect(if CSS isnt good enough for you) to a highly complex PHP code which allows the user to buy something from your website using paypal.

To handcode a website, you can use Notepad(for all the different styles of code), or anything more advanced that allows you to save files as any type. Microsoft word isn’t a good idea, as this messes the code about slightly, however there are other free options dedicated to website design, like ‘HTML-kit’(my favourite) or Notepad++.

Dreamweaver is the market leader, however this is an expensive piece of software, so i don't suggest getting this unless you want to go for a job in website design.


This is a strange one, but highly effective, and im not sure why its free as the developers could make a lot of money through this… But it is, so make the most of it!

This ‘program’ is a collection of files which you download from the website, then you create a website using a free or paid webhost, then reupload them to your web host and it appears as a website creation page when you go onto your URL.

The page you are directed to then has an installation process in which you give all your webhost details, and create your website name. There is then two URL’s that you are given: your website, and the administration page.

On the administration page, you can edit anything on your website – download templates(many free templates can be found) to have a professional looking color scheme, and change the modules on the pages too. Joomla is mainly used for posting articles, but it can be used for anything else.

The best part of this website is the login part, which allows you to make an account and login back in again, and then as an administator you can change what different members can do: make someone an editor, a publisher, or keep them as normal members.

Aswell as all this, there are addons you can download, one of which is something i am very fond of, and have used to quite a good effect. It is called ‘Kunena’, and is a free forum addon. This basically means you get a forum instantly installed onto your website, which uses the account system to allow you to edit your details, upload an avatar and more, obviously including allowing you to create topics, and post in other topics.

This is a good choice because it doesn’t require any coding whatsoever if you don’t want to, however that does mean that you are limited to any templates you can find.


I apologise in advance to any ‘Wix’ lovers reading this, but this isn’t gonna be pretty – but il start with the good points.

It doesn’t require you to have your own webhost, so you can save a lot of time. This also means you don’t get the freedom of creating your own URL, as instead it shows like this example page i created:

Danhodge is my username, and Joker is the name i created for the website. If you know how it works before you create the website, then thats fine, you can create a fine URL, but i picked the name danhodge before i actually knew it was going to be on the website…

Another good point is the library of graphics/animations you can use, aswell as the amount of templates, which made me quite excited, but im sad like that

Onto the bad stuff now…

First of all, the advertising. They must have 2 or 3 links, and about 4 references to their site. It makes the actual website look cheap, and unprofessional.

Secondly, the lag is unbearable at times. Thumbnails don’t appear, and it takes a few minutes to load up a seperate page on your site. I’m not sure why its so bad, but if it isn’t fixed they will lose a lot of unpatient customers to it…

Finally, most of the effects are so tacky that i can never find a professional looking button to use, and end up turning off the Wix tab because i get too frustrated with the childish transitions.

I hope this article helps anyone looking into web design, and good luck


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    • dannyhodge profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Hodge 

      6 years ago from Britain

      It is free, however there aren't many free add ons (i could only find a forum system, and a few other small things) - Wordpress is also free, and has more free add ons too.

    • seigfried23 profile image


      6 years ago

      I actually didn't know that Joomla was free - it looks like I'll be trying out this platform to expand my business. Thanks for sharing!


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