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How to make money online

Updated on July 21, 2012

A few ways to make money online!

There is nothing better than making money from the comfort of your own home. Its what most people dream of, since you don’t have to put aside personal life to do work – you can make your own timetable.
So whats the drawback?

Not many people know how to make money online, and its just so simple! You don’t have to give any bank details, for all of these methods you just have to give an address – and recieve a check, or get money straight onto Paypal. So, on with the methods.

Writing online

This is an obvious one, because its what im doing right now. Websites like Hubpages(which is my personal favorite, as it gains you much more views than competitors, with great Search Engine Optimization) Triond(which i stopped using because of an incredibly low Search Engine Optimization) are the main examples, which simply allow you to write an article, upload it, and then get paid a fraction of a cents for every view. It takes about(on average) 4 views to get 1 cents, so you need to put in a bit of work to get some fans that view most of your uploads.

These two sites in particular also allow you to integrate Google Adsense, a section of Google which allows you to place ads on your website, and gain money per view, or per click.

The url that your article is placed on will have pre-placed ads, that are vaguely relevant to your article, so whoever hosts the URL it is on gets money from any click on them, however with integrating this feature – you can get a certain amount of money from each click put onto your Google Adsense account. Amazing right?

Within the two i named, i have actually found HubPages to be the better, however i found Triond first and i have a small base of people that view my articles from it. HubPages is better because it allows you to have your article at the top of the Google search results if you type in something related to it, whereas Triond is very far back, meaning you will only get views from the site it is published on being browsed, which is usually very rare. HubPages also gives you more resources to help view your traffic, such as telling you what website people came from to visit your article (e.g. Google, or the HubPages homepage).

I think the main reason i love writing online for payment is because i love writing, and i always write reviews on things that interest me - so its more of a hobby, with the added benefit that i get a small payment for it too.


This isn't a very popular site that is used, however its very good for making money if you do it right. Basically, you browse through a selection of things being sold, the majority of which are Ebooks(online books and guides), click on one, get your own link, and advertise it all over the internet. You can do this by creating your own website, sending the link to friends(over social networks or email/instant messaging), or in any other way you see fit!

If somebody clicks on your link, it takes them to a site in which they can buy the product you chose, and if they buy it – you get 50% of the profit! So if the Ebook is a £30 guide on washing machines, you will gain £15 for every sale you get. Fantastic!

Of course, the hard thing here is advertising it - your trying to get someones money, not their time, so they tend to be a lot trickier to persuade.


I have already explained what Adsense is in the writing online section, however i will talk about its main use some more here. To use Adsense mainly, you will need to create your own website, and it will probably need paying for, since a free webhost can’t get you high search engine optimization.

This website can insert links, or a link, onto your webpage, and if someone clicks on it, you get a small amount of money. It is easily customized(colors and shape) and can go where you want, and can be in a wide range of quantities. They tend to use the content of your website to pick adverts for you.

This is a great, trustworthy tool – but only if you can use it properly. Too many will severely damage your traffic, and too little will barely get you any money.

Good luck!


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