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Make money file sharing

Updated on April 18, 2010
Make money file sharing
Make money file sharing

Is File Sharing Illegal?

No, file sharing is not illegal unless you're giving away copyrighted material. An example of this would be giving away music downloads to other people or downloading music from people that you have not paid for. This also refers to videos, tv shows, computer software, copyrighted eBooks, etc. Basically, you have to have permission from the owner of the copyrights to share these files or own the copyrights yourself.

Obeying all these rules will allow you to make money file sharing. There are many websites online that offer program that let you make money file sharing. Some program pay more than others, while some offer more traffic and dedicated customers than others. Choosing the right program to host your files can be difficult because there are so many aspects to cover before signing up. Or you could just sign up for all of these programs and get to the details later.

Secondary ways to make money file sharing?

Some of these file sharing companies allow users to make money from other methods. The company File Factory lets users refer new members to their website and pays them 20% of the daily earnings that the new users make. Besides the obvious make money file sharing method of programs like Easy-Share, Easy-Share lets members earn and sell premium accounts to people who want to purchase them, bringing multiple streams of income into their account.

Don't forget, the primary way to achieve these secondary methods for earning cash is to make money file sharing. To earn premium accounts, you have to make money file sharing. To earn commissions from referrals, they have to make money file sharing.

How to make money file sharing

The process to make money file sharing is actually really simple. You get digital information that belongs to you or that you have written permission from. You then find a company online that pays you commissions for offering your files for download. These files are usually given away free, using a customized link with the company (ex: Easy-Share) and every download that takes place gets recorded. To make money file sharing, your downloads have to be from unique visitors. You can't download your own file 20,000 times and expect to get a big paycheck in the mail.

Companies let users make money file sharing using records of their download history. These downloads are recorded from may different countries around the world. Of course the most obvious country to make money file sharing is the United States of America.

(Note: You don't have to be a U.S resident to make money file sharing)

File Factory

File Factory. Make money file sharing
File Factory. Make money file sharing

Different ways to make money file sharing on FileFactory

  1. Copper Membership- Make money file sharing with the copper membership. This is the lowest membership to have on File Factory. Here's the payment plan. (20-75MB=$2) (75-125MB=$3) and (Over 125MB=$4)
  2. Bronze- This is the second level membership of File Factory. Here's the payment plan. (20-75MB=$3) (75-125MB=$5) and (Over 125MB=$7)
  3. Silver- Third membership level of File Factory. Here's the payment plan. (20-75MB=$4) (75-125MB=$7) and (Over 125MB=$10)
  4. Gold- 4th. Here are the plans for earning (20-75MB=$7) (75-125MB=$9) and (Over 125MB=$12)
  5. Platinum- The best of the best. These are the earnings. (20-75MB=$8) (75-125MB=$11) and (Over 125MB=$15)

File Factory is one of the greatest websites online that allows you to make money file sharing because they offer so many different account levels. These account levels increase the amount of money the user can make by sharing their files over the Internet. If you look to the right, you will see a complete list and all the benefits of each membership plan that File Factory hosts. You can make money file sharing with these accounts easy.

You can acquire these upgrades free of charge if you make money file sharing with the beginner membership (which is copper). You can also make money file sharing with these programs, which would increase the original amount of money you receive per download. Besides the fact you can make money file sharing, you can also sell memberships to earn additional income. This brings multiple streams of income to you.

File Factory has a referral program also. With their referral program, you can earn 20% of every referral's income you generate. So while you make money file sharing, and they make money file sharing; they're helping you make money from their file sharing. It's an unique opportunity for anyone who has something to share.

File Factory offers the largest audience to your downloads. You can earn revenue from more countries with File Factory than any other file sharing website on the Internet today. You can use your earnings to become a premium member as well.

You can really make money file sharing with File Factory because their minimum payout is $20 and you receive your payments on the 15th of every month. You can't make more money file sharing on any other website.

Note: Files under 20MB do not qualify for earnings.


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    • whoisbid profile image


      6 years ago

      I wonder what will happen to filefactory now that Megaupload is gone

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello Folks,

      I’m so happy to commend with you my first payment from :lol: :lol: :lol:

      I made it only for 3 days…

      You can see my payment here:

      It’s very easy… They have the same affiliate program as the others but they are paying good.

      1. You can make money from your downloads – up to $25 per 1000

      2. You can make money from your websites – 10% per sold account

      3. You can make money from all your referrals – 25% from all their earnings

      They are paying every Friday automatically if you have more than $15

      I wish you a lot of luck….

    • freelanceauthor profile image


      8 years ago

      Very informative. Thanks for the opportunity you shared in this hub

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Interesting, hopefully this will grow, we will get rich.

    • FGual profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      This is all new to me. Will be landing at FileFactory.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      This is a little new to me. Thanks for the information.


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