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Make Money with Free Websites - Free Forums

Updated on November 6, 2009

Why not Make $$$

Looking to make a website to dedicate to a hobby or to create a forum to organise a community? There are hundreds of Web Hosts out there willing to give you a little space on the web to share your thoughts and to form a community. There is allot of joy in having other people read your words and think about your ideas, but there is allot of money also. Setting up a Website and Forum can be pretty easy, keep reading to find out the details on setup and how the money is earned.

Setup - Hosts and Ghosts

For starters, your going to need a host. Someone to give you a domain name and to let you store your data (website, forum) on their server. When trying to get a free domain the trick is to find one with minimal adds (Host Based), short domain name and user friendly editing. This is a great web host. There are several other great hosts on the web, is definitely one of them. gives a small domain name .i.e. It provides a powerful site editing tool which makes making your website and also making your forum easy as can be. They also allow you to run AdSense Adds to make money from your website, keep reading we're getting to the AdSense and the money.

Making Money - Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an affiliated marketing program. The program allows you to easily post adds on your content (Websites, Forums) to generate revenue from them. Revenue is generated by impressions and by clicks. Your earnings are measured by how many times your audience clicks your adds and how many times they view your content, depending on the types of adds google displays on your website. Sounds good so far huh! There are off-course some criterion to meet.

Basics Your Website/Forum must meet:

  1. Original Content (No copyright materials)
  2. No adult material (Extensive profanity, Nudity)
  3. No self promotion (Leading people to click adds)
  4. Have a domain at-least 6 months old

Think you can handle those? When your website meets the criterion then apply for AdSense. Well then why are you still here go make your website! Off-course allot of us may not want to spend 6 months painstakingly creating content before being able to earn from it. Fortunately there is an alternative!

The Alternative:

There are two main effective outlets I have found that allow you share your knowledge, ideas and get you an adsense account abit quicker, (provided your content is sufficient).

  1. YouTube PartnerShip program Youtube allows you to broadcast your own original Video Content, if your videos get enough views and you become known well in it's community you can apply for it's PartnerShip program which automatically sets you up with an AdSense account.
  2. HubPages - This program allows you to post valuable articles or hubs on the web to entertain or help out other people. In-fact if you didn't know by now, this article was posted through hubpages. HubPages Provide a user friendly interface and a large audience for your hubs, when you post sufficient content you can apply for and AdSense account.

Note: Both these alternatives take a seperate share from total revenue, along with google's share. There services however are well worth it.

What are you waiting for?

Now you have your website/forum, you have your AdSense account all that is left is for you to start uploading that content you've been talking about! The path I recomend is to get familiar with either HubPages or YouTube and start making content for them, when you feel your content is sufficient to Google AdSense's criteria apply. Once you have your adsense account go to the and start making content freely. Remember to allways follow the rules set by the programs you are participating in to continue to earn your revenue. Most of all try to create content that many people will enjoy and benefit from, the rest is up to you and your imagination. Good Luck!


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    • MagicStarER profile image

      MagicStarER 8 years ago from Western Kentucky is great! I just built a web site with them, and I love their service and extras! Here is a site:

      They will give you a blog to go with your website! You can also get a free forum. I really like the fact that they don't put a bunch of advertising nor pop-ups on your site, only the small white ad on the bottom of the pages. Go look. (You can choose which ad you want on your site, and pick one that matches your color scheme or design)

      The one bad thing is that you need to know something about coding your forms if you want to use their newsletter/contact scripts they provide you. I finally gave up and used Bravenet's instead.

      Great hub.

      I love using free web sites and also I teach people how to build free web sites at: Web Sites Free For Beginners at:

      Thanks for sharing!

    • libra profile image

      libra 8 years ago

      Will check out Looks interesting. Never heard of it before. Thanks for letting us know.

    • profile image

      Mars Guy 8 years ago

      nice guide but, What is a hub?

    • nicefaceidiot profile image

      nicefaceidiot 8 years ago

      Interesting you would mention youtube, becoming a youtube partner isn't that easy. But yeah alot of them do become partnered befour 6 months.