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Make money on the internet/ Running a profitable website.

Updated on February 12, 2012

Making a living from home

Don't fall for a get rich quick scam

There are several ways to earn money on the internet. I want to start by telling you that making a living on the internet is an actual job that takes work. There are a million people out there telling you otherwise, and that you can get rich quick by buying there book on making money from home. Yes there are some people in rare situations that make a lot of money in a short amount of time, but it is not usually the case. If you are serious about making a living from home on your computer then read this article because it will point you in the right direction.

I am not going to tell you everything you need to know, but I will help you find a path that will get you started in the right direction. You may have been scammed in the past or purchased some sort of product that was supposed to make you money with out a doubt. The truth is that these operations are rarely the answer to making your online fortune. There is no easy way to get started making money online. You will need to do a ton of reading and trial and error.

I personally payed 4,250 dollars for online coaching and I am still learning, and still working toward success. I have made some money through a website, some affiliate advertising, and even a little bit on Ebay. I am not saying to pay a bunch of money for coaching because there are ways to learn it with out breaking your bank. First I would say to start writing some articles on free sites like Hubpages or Ezine articles. This is good practice for affiliate advertising. Affiliate advertising is when you promote a companies products through your writings. For example, say you were promoting a E-book for Clickbank (clickbank is a marketplace for digital media products to promote) you would first need to read up on the product you are promoting so you can present a knowledgeable article about the product and then persuade the reader into purchasing it. The only problem with this is finding the right traffic or readers to present your article to. You can start your own blog, or write articles on free sites. Like I said it can take a lot of work and you won't always find the right niche or audience to make you money. Once you do find your niche and you begin building your residual income it can happen really fast.

If you want to start your own website for the purpose of selling products there are two ways to go. You can either sell products that you make yourself or you can sell products from other companies. Either way you will have to start a company in order to develop business to business relationships. There is something called dropshipping, that is when you sell something from your website and the supplier or manufacturer ships it to the customer for you. This is the best way to operate because you don't need the initial investment for inventory. If you are going to try to do this you will need to read up on it and work hard. The hardest part of this is marketing in order for you to get a lot of people to your website. Also beware of salesman because they will all make you feel like you need there services to make it. The best way to get customers is pay per click for the first year or so anyways. If you can target the right traffic with pay per click ads then you should have no problem making money.

Another way to make money online is through Ebay. First you must get a ranking of ten before you can even start selling stuff. The best way to do this is to buy penny recipes and respectfully request quality feedback from the seller. Once you have your ranking then you can start selling. You can find things from garage sells or craigslist and do your research in order to sell them for profit on Ebay. You can also dropship products but you will probably need your own company in order to build your business to business relationships. Anyways that is all I have to give for this article. Your probably thinking wow how does this help. Well you can start by looking into some of the things I mentioned like dropshipping, or Clickbank. I told you I payed a ridiculous amount of money to learn what I know and I am still not filthy rich so just keep trying and read a lot.


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