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Make money online? Fact or Fiction

Updated on April 27, 2011

 Over the years the growth of the internet, regardless of economic times, has spurred an onset of make money online schemes; everything from affiliate marketing to google adsense, have now created a means to earn a supplemental income and the potential to earn a solid monthly income. Unfortunately today these programs can now be broken into two distinct groups, fact or fiction. Now, we know fact as something proven, whether scientifically or tried and tested and worked. Fiction however, is pretty self explainatory--it's not real, never has been real, just boasted and hyped up to be true.


Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is a program that was created for you to genuinely earn money. It's completely free to sign up and almost free to participate. Most websites that are similar to this, pay you to read surveys, however Inbox Dollars seems to go one step further and offer you other ways to earn money from them.


Inbox Dollars uses a game sytem called world winner, which offers tons of games, for example; spades, bedazzled, texas hold'em, and money bags. Though not free to play these games, you get paid back 2-20% of what you spend on games playing. Now here's the fun part--you can also earn hundreds to thousands of dollars playing games on your own as well. World Winner has ladders, and tournaments--that cost money to compete in--BUT if you make it to the top and stay undefeated you can actually earn a cut of 10,000 to a sole sum of 500.00 dollars, this I have tested myself and have won a spades ladder in the sum of 500.00--though it took months to figure things out, finally I was able and succeeded. So that was a nice present because they also deposit money earned directly into your bank account, and Inbox Dollars puts money into your Inbox account for the amount you spent playing games.

Cash Offers

A Cash offer can be a free trial (normally the first 7 days or first month free, then there's a recurring charge if you do not cancel in that time), a product sale or even free information. When you click on a cash offer you will be taken to the advertisers site, you fill in the information and then Inbox Dollars will deposit what the cash offer was worth into your Inbox Dollars account--these offers can be as low as 1.00 and as high as 100.00. Understand, each offer comes with its own terms and requirments and you have to complete those before you will be credited. The account credit usually happens within 1-5 business days.

Cash Surveys

It's exactly what it says, you earn a certain amount of money for surveys you successfully qualify for. When you first enter the cash surveys you will be presented with a survey immediately, if you qualify and complete the survey, Each survey takes 5-30 minutes to complete and you can see the funds credited to your account within 1-3 business days. Remember you won't qualify for every survey, so you have multiple opportunities to earn money.


This is simple, and yet difficult to do, for each friend you refer you get money credited to your account. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions involved with this.

Paid Emails

When you sign up you give them your email and they send you 3-5 emails a day, sometimes more. When you open these emails they contain information, offers and sometimes surveys. If you don't want to participate in what the email is sponsoring just simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click confirm paid email and you just earned .02 cents--that is it. It's not much, but there are other methods--so I wouldn't rely too heavily on just the paid emails.

my inox account w/ payout
my inox account w/ payout


This works in the same manner as the UPROMISE shopping program. When you hover your mouse over the shopping link, it brings up a pulldown menu of categories you can shop from. When you make a purchase from one of the categories, your account is credited back a certain percentage--so you make back some of what you earn, which I think is great; especially since I shop online a lot.


This is online jobs that agencies have asked be completed by Inbox Dollars account holders. These vary from 0.02 to .80 cents a task and there are usually anywhere from 10-300 tasks to be completed. Most of these tasks take anywhere from 10-60 minutes to complete and consist of 10 seperate tasks encompassed into one paying task. Seems too easy, quite the contrary; they are incredibly easy tasks, usually pertaining to making sure the proper information is listed to making sure websites are accurate. Unfortunately these tasks are incredibly monotanous and daunting, but if you complete a few a day, that a few dollars added to your account within 1-3 business days.


Do a lot of grocery shopping, watched the television show extreme couponers? Well then this is an amazing way to not only save an incredible amount on groceries each month, but to earn money back for that. Your coupons are not limited like Upromise, and there are hundreds of coupons available for you to print and use at a grocery store--they even have coupons for discounts on major things, like direct tv and dish network. All that's required of you is clicking on the coupons link, sorting through all the online coupons and printing the ones you like, use them, and your accounts credited within 7-10 business days. That simple.


View videos and earn cash, that simple. When you select this link, you watch short videos from national advertisers, and once the videos over, you also get coupons and offers afterward, if you want to participate you can, if not, you still get money credited to your account. The videos are updated daily to weekly so make sure you want to check back often to earn some easy money.

 It is completely free to join, no gimmicks no scams no schemes. The only con that I have found so far is the time it takes to get your first actual check from them, I requested payout march 24, 2010 and it is now April 27th and I have not recieved my first check yet, which is a headache, but none the less easy money. They have recently changed this though, after you receive your first payout, your next one comes 3 times quicker, with you receiving it in 2-4 weeks instead of 3-4 months. So they're improving.

So I have deemed Inbox Dollars FACT and is an amazingly easy way to supplement your income partially, and easily--with little to no headache.


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