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Make money online in Kenya: Writing for Hubpages

Updated on January 29, 2013

Just make money by writing

There are actually many ways to make money online in Kenya but one of the easiest has to do with writing. Yeah, all you really need to do is write for hubpages makes it easier.

Articles are simply writings on a subject or topic of interest. You could write an article on politics, society, religion, money, business, web hosting, family, engineering and education. It should be something informative and interesting to your target readers such that they would even make it a reference point and won't mind coming back. Articles can even be stories or personal experience on issues like marriage, relationship or health. In Kenya, there is probably a lot to write about and that doesn't also limit you to writing about the world at large and you could write about your opinion on issues in the US, UK or even Canada.

As an article writer, you would need to select your niche or range of niches that you want to specialize in and in due time, you would only grow to be an effective writer and even make money doing so.

What is Hubpages really about?

In one of my articles about making money by writing, I mentioned writing for other publishers as an do so and this is something you can start from day one without having to bother yourself about building a website or setting up a blog. Besides, you can always setup a blog later on and drive traffic to your blog using your hubpages account. You remain the slow owner of your writings at Hubpages and stand a chance of getting paid royalties in the future. So, Hubpages is a very large publishing network of writers who do no other thing other than publishing their writings with Hubpages who then rewards them for their work.

Writing and publishing articles with Hubpages is like buying shares in the Kenyan stock market and the more value your article has,, the more likelihood it will pay you dividends for a long time. Think of it this way, people who buy shares expect dividends and capital appreciation. It works the same way when you publish articles with Hubpages - You get paid royalties on a periodic basis for an article you only wrote once.

Some Benefits of writing for Hubpages

  1. No need to pay for web hosting or domain name
  2. Get more exposure for your writing
  3. Get paid monthly by Paypal or Check
  4. Allows you to earn with your Google adsense and Amazon account

How to get started with writing

  1. Simply go to Hubpages and Sign up for a free account
  2. Write a lot of articles based on your knowledge (About 100 articles is a good start)
  3. Publish your articles
  4. Add adsense and amazon ads to it if you have one. Besides you also get paid by Hubpages rewards program via Paypal based on your traffic

Can one really make $1000 a month writing for Hubpages?

I believe so as long as you work hard. Some niches earn you better than others so an article about cars and credit cards would probably earn you more than one about playing football. It also has to do with content. If one article earns you $1 a month, then it simply means that if you write about 1000 of such articles, you are more likely to get $1000 from them. Work on popular articles and this means the ones that bring you more traffic and by the time you are getting more traffic, your income from Hubpages would increase.

How long should an article be?

Personally, I prefer an article with about 300 to 500 words and Hubpages normally displays your word count when writing an article. To be a good writer, you really need to have more words but with moderation too so that you don't end up repeating the same issues. The longer your article is, the higher it gets ranked on search engines and ultimately the more income it generates for you.


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