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Make money online through image sharing!

Updated on June 3, 2011


Did you know that image sharing would ever pay you?I never did!

However there are some image hosting services that pay you for every single view of the image you have uploaded!I should say that this will not make you rich next morning, but nevertheless this is some extra money from nothing!It's quite simple and it works.Do you have pictures to share with the world?If no,then stop reading here...if yes,all you have to do is just to upload them to the servers of sites that I will list below,and after just to share the links of your images!

Do you have a facebook or twitter or reddit or any other social web account?99% will answer yes!Thats good!The most money ever made from link-clicking is made through fb!Imagine how many of your friends will click the link of a pic that you shared through fb,how many of them will like your image,how many friends of your friends will click and like this picture and so on...

There are so many sites like fb where you may share your links!You get paid not only for your image views but also you get a percentage from your referals' image views.If you have your own site you may place some banners on it and get more referals.Every one that comes to image hosting site through your banner becomes automatically your referal!You may share your links everywhere through the web and there is no content restrictions!The more views per image-the more money you earn!I didn't get neither a million nor a thousand, not even a hundred dollars,just 20 bucks.But I did not work in total more than 4 hours during two months!I also do not have fb account to share my links.Give some more time to share your pics.YOU MUST HAVE BETTER RESULTS THAN I DID!!Try it out!

These sites REALLY PAY you and do NOT SCAM you!There are many payment methods like PayPal,MoneyBookers,WebMoney etc.The only one bad thing with these sites is that before you can see the uploaded picture, a popup with an advertisement will appear...but that's the way these sites make money and pay you!

Here are links for the sites I described above:

All you have to do is to follow these links.register,upload images and share them!After you can get your money!(Each site has a minimum payout from 1 to 20 dollars)

I hope this was helpful for people like me that are looking for some easy money (not big, just easy) from the Internet.Start earning now and, please, let me know if you got any cash from these sites, post a comment here!

Thank you for reading!


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